Your mission…should you choose to accept it

I came across this entry in my journal from 2012 that really stood out to me and I thought you might appreciate hearing it.

If you want one thing to focus on today and for the entire year…

…one mission…

…one objective to help you live a truly amazing life this year, here you go:


Your mission is to find the well spring of love inside yourself that is yearning to burst forth.

Open the flood gates and let it out.

Allow love to flow out of you unrestrained.

Express it in all your thoughts, words, and actions.

Spread love, joy, and peace right now.

That’s all.

Amazing life achieved.

When you find deep love for yourself, you will automatically seek to spread that love. So go within!

Look in your eyes. Look into your soul. See how truly perfect and beautiful you are.

You are not your mistakes

You are not your fears.

You are not any of the things that make you feel bad.

You are a divine child of God, the creator of the entire universe.

He made you perfect in His image.

You are just like Him.

You are absolutely amazing!


I hope you remember today how stunning you are.

I hope you have deeply forgiven yourself and all others for mistakes of the past.

Life is too short and too beautiful to be holding ourselves in the bondage of resentment and holding ourselves apart from love.

Make Today Amazing!


P.S. – Many members who joined ‘Remember Who You Are‘ last year had amazing experiences…here are just a couple more who made comments:


“Hey Aaron,

I am glad I have signed up to your program, especially this month as I feel the topic of ‘remember who you are’ is very powerful for me.

I have noticed my view of myself isn’t very high at all, and I don’t love myself enough!

It’s only through starting to remember who I am that I have started to find peace.

Thanks again for all your amazing work.”

– Joseph Michael


“Hi Aaron,

I am really enjoying ‘Remember Who You Are’. Just two days after starting I had a very challenging morning, felt really deflated unworthy, unsuccessful and very lost.

However, out of that came a sudden focus and realization that I needed to follow my passion.

I have now enrolled on a nutrition course and am excited about the future. I can’t wait to start helping and educating people, helping them to change their health and lives for the better.

Thank you Aaron!”

-Carol Wildgoose


Let me help you keep your most important commitment this year…

…the commitment to remember who you are.

–>> Join as a TAL Member here

The ultimate peace. Have you felt this yet today?

This is what I heard from God yesterday – what my heart felt in any case when I asked the question: “What would you have me know or do today?”

I’m quite convinced this same unconditional love is being poured down on you too…have you heard or felt this lately?


“I love you.

You are mine. You are special in my eyes.

Not because you are better or more special than any of your brothers and sisters.

But because I created you. You are unique. And you are my child.

I love you more than you can yet know but you do have a sense.My heart is with you and breathes and lives in you.

I see you fully, completely.

Be at peace. Let go of the end and walk with me this day – one step at a time.

And enjoy yourself!”


I hope you feel how much you are loved…regardless of whatever or wherever you believe you came from…

…Because that feeling sustains in times of chaos and fulfills when times are calm.

It is ultimate peace.

Remember who you are.

Check in with yourself when you forget – look in the mirror.

Write down what’s going on inside if you feel ‘off’ or ‘unsettled’.

Make Today Amazing!


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