You know that weak nauseous feeling you get…

You know that weak nauseous feeling you get…

When you have the flu and it lingers for what seems like EVER?

Yeah…i’m up against that lately.

Only tell you that so you aren’t alarmed if I miss an occasional daily.

I really love being here daily for you all…but please bear with me a bit as this flu is a doozy!


It’s providing GREAT opportunities to hone my positive thinking skills though.

I don’t know about you, but being sick is like giving me kryptonite when it comes to thinking.

I suddenly get opened up to massive blasts of negativity.

It’s kind of insane sometimes actually.

And crippling.

I totally empathize with those struggling to stay positive during illness.



I have to force myself back to the basics, even though sometimes I’m too weak to do it:



Focus on Gratitude


Went for a walk this AM and this podcast “Get over it” by Joel Osteen really re-filled me with strength (that dude speaks truth…not everyone may like his jive…but his words are powerful)

I really needed the outside lift today.

Just shows how much we all need each other.


Hope you are healthy and well!

Grateful you are in my life.




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