You gonna let a little water (OK a lot) get you down?

Forget about it! (Thank you Rex qwon do for that timeless piece…if you haven’t seen Napoleon Dynamite starring my little sis, you won’t get that…sorry)

Sometimes its really, really (really) hard to see the good in some things.

Like this for example:



One of My computers

This used to be my office, until I woke up yesterday to see floating computers.

Picture of My Office

But that doesn’t stop some people from being happy.  My kids absolutely love floods!

Lego boat heaven baby!  Ohhhhh yeah!!!  It was like Christmas morning for my kids.

Such adventure!



And quite frankly, I enjoyed it a lot too!

Because guess what?

Everything is conspiring for my benefit!

Boom.  You knew I would say that didn’t you?

Good 😉

Well its true.  At least I know it is for me.


And this flood is also included in the word ‘everything’ last I checked.

Do I know how this is good for me?  Not a clue!

Do I care how?  Not really.  We don’t need to know the how.  The how is irrelevant right now.


If you MUST KNOW HOW before you will believe, it will only leads to frustration and annoyance.

On the other hand, focus on the wonder and excitement and mystery of how this seemingly catastrophic and costly event is going to be a huge blessing, knowing that it will??

Now that’s where life gets exciting!

Focus on the burden and miss out on an amazing day!


I loved this day.

Yes it was hard, yes I was up until midnight dealing with water mitigation issues for me and my neighbors.

But what a blast!

LIFE!  So awesome.


I went for the coolest barefoot run through tunnels and flowing rivers down sidewalks exploring the beauty of mother nature’s shear force in the morning.


Then I had friends over all day helping with my house and we had a great time laughing about it all.


So can I prove that everything is conspiring for our benefit?


But the fact is that belief gives wonderful benefits to me in my life.  Like making me feel good a LOT because of looking for the good in everything, just for one example.

And I bet it will do the same for you…only way to find out is to give it an honest try!


I find it to be such a blast to wonder about how this or that thing is going to work to my good.

So much more fun than worrying about how it might hurt me.


And I will tell you, my first thought is never…

“hurray!  major catastrophe!  I love when I get to spend 10’s of thousands of unplanned dollars cleaning up messes!”

No, my first thought is usually like…”well, that’s lame.  That’s not going to help me hit my financial goals by any means.”

But as quick as I can I start wondering “hmmm…I wonder what amazing good is going to come out of this.”


And while I don’t have the answer….it sure is fun to wonder about!

And makes the actual event turn exciting instead of gloomy or depressing.


That’s all!  Hope you’re having an amazing day, regardless of what flood just came through your life and seems to have introduced a major setback.


There is something really good in it.  Let’s go find it!

This is a truly amazing life!




PS – I’ve been getting SOME GREAT emails from subscribers of the truly amazing daily.  Emotional, heart felt responses on what your #1 Struggle with living a truly amazing life is right now.  THANK YOU those of you!

I love hearing from you.

Rest of you?  Respond!  Tell me how you are doing.  I want to know.  Are you struggling with anything in particular that you feel is holding you back from the truly amazing life you want to be living?

Let me hear it!  Don’t hold back.  Let’s open up the dialogue.  I want to help.


  1. Marlene Spiteri Reply

    Conspiring is a heavy word………explain please…’s like trying to benefit from a tsunami…am I correct..?………kindly simplify

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