You can start a new day right now

Just flipping through my journal and stumbled on an entry from a couple months ago I bet someone needs to hear.

I bet someone wants a new day right now…well you can have it.

You can start again right this instant.

You can make today amazing starting now you know!

You don’t have to nail it from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to sleep.

If you’re dragging by now and wanting tomorrow already, what about just making the next 2 minutes amazing by being fully present and alive??

Then you have made today amazing for those 2 minutes…you win, you’ll feel better, and you can build on that.

Here…maybe this will help:


I love new days.

I have a new life right now.

The past is gone.

Everything has happened for a reason to get me to right where I am.

I have said sorry.

I have asked for forgiveness.

My heart is clean and I am more humbled by my experiences.

And though I hope to not repeat some of my actions – I forgive myself for all of it.

I don’t intend to hurt myself or others ever – yet sometimes when I’m hurting I do.

This is the nature of life.

I must pay the consequences of my actions.

But I am not stuck to forever repeat them.

Today I am a new person!

Today is my life!

Not yesterday.

Right now I am here – I am me – I can love and serve right now.

I do love myself.

I forgive myself and all others for mistakes of the past and I choose love and compassion toward all things and people right now.

And this feels good.

This is who I am.


And this is who I will become today.

More love.

I will love my family, myself, my life, my God, and all my neighbors.



If you want a new day, a fresh start, right now…try saying something like that to yourself in the mirror or in your journal.

You can change the way you feel any time.

I love new days!

And I also love how a new one can start any time…whenever I choose.


Make Today Amazing! You deserve it.



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  1. Linda Shay Reply

    When I am experiencing a “lousy day” I have a tendency to do just as you’ve indicated here; I wait for the day to end and hope tomorrow is better. Your post though reminds me that I don’t have to. The day is not only comprised of the “lousy moments” I’ve just experienced, but also the great ones I can make. Like you often say, its a mindset and simply (ha, not so simple) recognizing where my thoughts are going, I can redirect them and change the whole outcome of the day.
    Thanks for the post and for sharing it with us.

    • Exactly Linda! You can always choose to make today amazing in some way, no matter what has happened.

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