You are better than you know

I realized after I sent this email about ‘the forces at work‘ last week that I overcomplicate my life too much…it’s easier to serve and bless lives than I build it up in my mind sometimes.

It’s hard to be consistent each day sending you positivity and love by email. I admit…I’m up against the same negative forces as everyone.

But mostly I think I make it harder in my mind than it needs to be.

It really helps when I get responses of gratitude…last week I got a bunch like this one from Barbara yesterday:


“Hello Aaron,

I’m not sure if you actually get these emails but I just want to thank you.

The emails you send me are always at the times when I need encouragement the most.

I have been going through some hard times these past few months: single mom, struggling financially, confused, lost.

I just have a hard time trying to stay positive when so much just keeps going wrong.

But your emails help me get through. One day at a time.

Thank you.



I definitely see every email, and they each help me.

Every positive word or gratitude I receive lifts me and helps me keep going as well.

So thank you, for each of you who share.

Sometimes I get requests for help…and while it’s not possible to respond with detailed help to every request, I do appreciate hearing from you!

So stay in touch!

And today…remember this…

YOU have a powerful potential for positive impact in others lives.

Even if we’ve heard hundreds of thank you’s for words shared, or encouragement or service given – It’s so easy to forget how impactful our actions can be!

It’s a daily thing…we all go through it.

“Why would anyone want to hear from me?”

Silly questions we ask.


And that is enough.

We all need to remind ourselves that.

You can do much good for the people in your sphere, just by acting out of caring.

Even if it touches just one person.

You are a greater force for good than you realize…of that I am sure.

So am I…we all are!

It boggles my mind still every time I overcome my own feelings of “oh that’s too small…that wouldn’t help” and then I write or do something that makes a major impact in somebody’s life.

You just never know.

But as long as you care and you take action…somehow amazing things take place.

Don’t underestimate your power for positive impact in other’s lives.

Make Today Amazing!


P.S. – Be happy 🙂

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