You Are Amazing

This is my third daughter Kelsie, born July 28, 2012.  When you look at her, do you see anything short of an amazing being and a miracle?

Of course not.  And you are exactly like her.  It’s impossible to ‘un-become’ an amazing child of your creator.  It is quite common to forget who we are though.

Do you remember who you are?  Do you love yourself?  How do you feel right now?  Can you look yourself in the eyes and feel happy, at peace, and in love with who you see?

Or are you dissatisfied or upset with yourself?  How are you treating yourself?  Are you doing things that make you feel better?  Or are you trying to escape somehow or cover your feelings through food or distraction of some type?

If you are trying to escape, why?   How do you want to feel?  Is what you are doing helping you feel better?  Or is it an attempt to drown or cover your feelings and only making you feel worse?

The Truth Will Set You Free

Here is the truth that will set you free if you let it!  Open your heart and mind to these thoughts as possibilities and see how it feels. If it feels good, that is how you know it is good:

You are amazing.  You are infinitely capable.  You are so much more capable than you can fathom.  You are inherently good, full of love and light.  You are a genius.  You have access at any moment to the infinite intelligence of the universe which Knows all and sees all.  You are a loving being, capable of empowering and blessing others.  You can be brilliant and savvy at ANYTHING if you choose to be.  You can do all things. You are beautiful.  You are talented.  You are strong.  You are healthy.  You are abundant.  You are wise. YOU REALLY ARE AMAZING!

Don’t let yourself be deceived and think anything less.  Certainly as a parent there is value in saying these things to our kids.  But what about saying these things to ourselves?  And seeing ourselves this way, and living this way?  Our kids may have a hard time hearing our words if our actions are contradicting so loudly.

Can you believe these things?  They are absolutely true.  What’s holding you back from believing them?  What’s holding you back from reminding yourself daily of who you are?  And being overcome with the joy of the knowledge of who you really are?

Maybe you are still not convinced

Try this: Look yourself in the eyes in the mirror right now and say this, with full feeling, to yourself:

“I’m sorry.   Please forgive me.   Thank You!   I love you!”

Seriously.  Stop reading right now and look yourself in the eyes in a mirror and say that to yourself.  Look at your reflection in your phone screen if you have to.  Make sure you look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself those words.

Think of the first thing that comes to your mind about yourself or your behavior that you are dissatisfied with or that you would like to improve.  Then say, “I’m sorry for …[that thing]… Please forgive me.”

Example: “I’m sorry I stayed up later than I know is healthy, please forgive me self. Thank you. I appreciate your forgiveness and I feel your kindness. I love you.  I will treat you better.”

How did that feel?

If you think of anything else you are dissatisfied with about yourself, repeat the process until you totally clear the air with yourself and feel at peace with yourself and feel love for yourself.

Do you forgive yourself? Are you allowing that natural, ego driven part of your mind to beat upon your TRUE self and convince you of your unworthiness and imperfections?

You Are Amazing, Despite What ‘You’ Sometimes Think

The fact is you are amazing. You are not your shortcomings and mistakes.  Just forgive yourself.  Know that failure and weakness is not who you really are.  Because who you really are is absolutely amazing.  Remember that! Believe that!  Love yourself!  You are good!  You are exceptional in fact.  Don’t sell yourself short.

Others are counting on you. YOU are counting on You.  BE TRUE TO YORUSELF!  And not the FALSE self who may have convinced you it is the real you.  Be true to your TRUE SELF.  BE AMAZING. That is who you really are.

And as long as you keep convincing yourself otherwise and choosing to believe you are not worthy or capable, you will hold yourself apart from true joy.

But the moment you see yourself for who you really are, forgive yourself, and love yourself with the unconditional, all-forgiving compassion and love that your Creator has for you – you will experience the Joy that is inherent in your nature.

You are free to believe that which brings you joy.  And you are free to let go of those beliefs that do not.

Believe the truth!  Let go of the lies.


This Is A Truly Amazing Life!


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