Aaron Kennard: Alright. Welcome to The Truly Amazing Life show. Super excited to have my new friend Janick Lemieux on the phone. SheÕs from Ontario, Canada and weÕve met recently. I was just blown away by story, her outlook on life and her perspective and Janick, welcome to the call. IÕm excited to have you.


Janick Lemieux: Well, thank you so much for having me. ItÕs truly an honor to be on your call.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. Thank you for being here. And just a little more intro. Janick is, she does many things. SheÕd had so many experiences that youÕre going to benefit from hearing about today. And, she spends time nowadays consulting people in the law of attraction and many other things and IÕm just honored to have her. ItÕs going to be a treat, I assure. And so, I am excited to get in to it. But without any further ado Janick, why donÕt you explain to us a little about your current life. IÕm going to go back into your past and how you got here. But, give us the picture of what it looks like today. Just like, whatÕs your daily life like? How do you feel? What makes life truly amazing for you on a daily basis right now?

Janick Lemieux: Well, I guess the easiest way to answer that question is that IÕm so grateful in my life. And gratefulness is the key to many things along with unconditional love. And, it sounds easy to say and it really is now a days but it hasnÕt been always like that. So what makes my life truly amazing nowadays is that I am grateful for every single moment of my life. IÕm grateful for everything I have, for every experience I have, for everybody I meet and ItÕs really a question of perspective and choice.

Aaron Kennard: ThatÕs fantastic, succinct and very, very clear. I love that. And itÕs (inaudible) in gratitude and I couldnÕt agree more. I mean, when you speak that feels like I was saying that myself. So, thank you for sharing that. I love how youÕve put that. Tell us briefly, what are you up to today and what do you spend your time doing? Just give us a greater picture of you and who you are.

Janick Lemieux: I am a Law of Attraction coach and basically what I do is I help clients get into alignments with their positive thinking and really get clarity on what it is they want and dissolve the blockages of what it is that they donÕt realize what theyÕre attracting in their life because the Law of Attraction says, itÕs not what you want, itÕs what you focus on. So, letÕs say you focus on a lack of something, even if thatÕs not what you want, if you focus on that, thatÕs what you attract in your life.

Aaron Kennard: Yes.

Janick Lemieux: So I help clients manifest into their life what it is that they want. So thatÕs the one thing that I do. Another thing I do that brings me so much pleasure, is I paint and I create.

Aaron Kennard: Yes. ThatÕs cool. Have you been doing that throughout your life or is that a recent thing?

Janick Lemieux: ItÕs a recent thing. It started about a year ago. I donÕt think I consider myself an artist. ItÕs really more of a process that I called (inaudible) painting. ItÕs really a multiple steps process where I allow my intuition and my divinity to guide me into picking different brushes, different colors, different canvases and just be in the flow. And that reminds me of my life. You know, how I used to try to be perfect, used to try to control everything and pick the right tool and pick the right people to write events. And then, IÕve added the results IÕve wanted because I controlled everything instead of allowing. And when I paint, itÕs a constant reminder to trust and to be in the flow and to be amazed at the results every step of the way.

Aaron Kennard: ThatÕs interesting. And so, what have you seen in your painting. I mean, for as the result in what you paint? I mean, IÕd be very interested to see it. Have you ever displayed your painting anywhere? Is it just in your house or?

Janick Lemieux: ItÕs in my house. I have my home office and I paint in there. I use paint in the studio. IÕm actually in the process of opening a creative studio in my community. That will be a place for community members, speakers, authors, any and all sorts of artists to come and mingle and have a valuable life experience together.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. ThatÕs very cool. Very, very cool. That gives us a better picture of what you are up to now. You eluded from that past when you tried to be perfect. You used to try to control everything and you werenÕt getting the results you wanted allowing the happiness and joy. How are you feeling at that time in you life? What was the resulted state of your being because of the way you are acting?

Janick Lemieux: ThatÕs a great question Aaron. Truth be told, my life now, anybody can look at me and think, and actually some people tell me, well itÕs easy for you. You have it all. You have a wonderful husband, you have five magnificent children, you have a house, you have abundance, you have a career, you have help and all of this is true. But, it wasnÕt always like that. When I grew up, I grew up in a very, very dysfunctional family and you know, my dad was a severe alcoholic. He drank himself to death actually. And my mom suffered from (inaudible) and they ended up divorcing when I was 10 Years Old. And my poor mom, she was trying to make the best out of a very bad situation. She was working three jobs to make ends meet, to support my youngest sister and I. And of course, feeling betrayed by her ex-husband and her sister because my father had an affair with my momÕs sister, so imagine.

Aaron Kennard: Wow.

Janick Lemieux: Yeah. You can imagine the dynamics in the family. Right?

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. Not ideal.

Janick Lemieux: Yeah. I know. She was looking for another man but with all these issues, then of course, the Law of Attraction, thereÕs not a switch that turns on or off you know, itÕs always in action. So, she attracted somebody that would betray her again and that man, who turned out to be my step father has sexually abused me for five years on a daily basis.

Aaron Kennard: How old were you?

Janick Lemieux: I was twelve. It started from the age of twelve to the age of seventeen.

Aaron Kennard: Wow.

Janick Lemieux: Yeah. Fun times right?

Aaron Kennard: I kind of doubt it.

Janick Lemieux: I kind of doubt it.

Aaron Kennard: What was it like for you? I mean, those five years. ThatÕs a very impressionable age of life. I mean, what was that like through that? I mean, was it? Tell us a little more about that.

Janick Lemieux: I was very depressed, I was severely obese. I donÕt know why but I didnÕt turn to drugs or alcoholism. Thank goodness. Thank God. Thank the Universe. What I did turn to is reading and I was bee reading all sorts of books that really, if you go back in 1980s were pretty (inaudible) if you know what I mean. Like, people didnÕt talk about the Law of Attraction or the Secret or you know, your vortex (inaudible).

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. The movie, The Secret had not come out obviously and there was just much less discussion about that topic. Yeah.

Janick Lemieux: But there were people, great, great people like Joseph Murphy and Catherine (inaudible) and Merriam Williamson and even the Bible. So I turned to books. They became my haven.

Aaron Kennard: During that period?

Janick Lemieux: Yeah. Yeah. Because I think even then I knew that I was here for a reason. And of course, you know, typical teenager, I didnÕt love my mom, you know, allowing all this. I thought she was allowing all this but I didnÕt see her pain at the time. It took me years to realize how much of a painful situation sheÕs found herself, in herself. And itÕs just putting myself in other peopleÕs shoes and understanding that all of us, all of us. Even the people who hurt us the most, weÕre all divine souls searching for love, searching for identity and the ones that are hurtful, really, are the ones that need love more than any of us. We all need love. DonÕt get me wrong. But, I mean, when IÕm having a fantastic day, when I feel good about myself, when everything is just perfectly fine with me in my day, IÕm not hurtful to anybody else. You know?

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Janick Lemieux: IÕm very helpful to everybody else when IÕm in a good feeling place.

Aaron Kennard: Yes.

Janick Lemieux: But when IÕm hurt, when IÕm mad, when IÕm upset about something when I donÕt know what it is, I do things I regret and I donÕt even know why I do them. You know?

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. ThatÕs great.

Janick Lemieux: WeÕre all the same. So, for my father to turn to alcohol. He mustÕve been to a pretty bad place himself. You know what I mean?

Aaron Kennard: Absolutely. And did you feel the time, I donÕt guess that youÕd really understood it at that level going through that right?

Janick Lemieux: Oh my gosh, no. Absolutely not.

Aaron Kennard: What was it like then and what happened? I mean, so what did that lead to?

Janick Lemieux: I felt very lonely. I was bullied in school because I was so alone and so over weight. And my step father, he was so controlling as an abuser that he would drive me to school in the morning, pick me up at lunch, drive me back after lunch and pick me up after school. So, every other kids in school would witness that. But we didnÕt say anything. WeÕre just like, you know, it was since 1980s. So, I was being bullied. I was being alone. I was suicidal. I didnÕt know what I was doing with my life. I didnÕt know where life would lead me and where would this all amount to.

Aaron Kennard: So that ended after a certain period of time and then where did, what happened?

Janick Lemieux: Well, before things got better. It turned worse. When my mom just find out that I was being abused. I was by then, 15. So, the abuse had lasted for 3 Years already and she was too hurt to protect me and her defense mechanism had her abandon me with this man. So, she just left.

Aaron Kennard: Woah. She was hurt by him? What happened?

Janick Lemieux: She packed up her bags and she left me with this abuser.

Aaron Kennard: Woah.

Janick Lemieux: Yeah and then my father, who was still drinking heavily. Of course, this entire situation.

Aaron Kennard: So, she was hurt and offended that he was doing that. So she couldnÕt be with him anymore and just left you with him.

Janick Lemieux: Right. I was reminding her.

Aaron Kennard: Of the pain.

Janick Lemieux: Yes.

Aaron Kennard: That she felt betrayed and abused, betrayed by him through that. Right?

Janick Lemieux: Right. So, our younger sister had betrayed her with her husband and now her daughterÕs. She felt I had betrayed her with the step dad. Right?

Aaron Kennard: Wow.

Janick Lemieux: Yeah. I mean, we attract what we think of. Right?

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Janick Lemieux: And so.

Aaron Kennard: So, she was constantly, she was living in fear of being betrayed. Is that what her state was?

Janick Lemieux: Yes. Absolutely.

Aaron Kennard: Sorry to cut you off there. So, you said. You were, what happened?

Janick Lemieux: My father. I couldnÕt go live with him because I was a mere reflection of his reality and if you would have admitted that this man was abusing me, therefore, hurting me and hurting my mother, he would have had to admit that he abused us. And hurt me, my sister and my mother. So, we didnÕt do that. Instead he called me, IÕm not sure I can use that sort of language here but, yeah.

Aaron Kennard: Yup. He called you names and.

Janick Lemieux: He did.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Janick Lemieux: So that was you know, door closing everywhere. So, I was in survival mode. So, I stayed with this man. My step dad and the sexual abuse continued for another two years until I was old enough to get my first summer job full time and paid for my own apartment. And when I got my first pay check, I moved out. I ran away.

Aaron Kennard: Wow. And how did that feel?

 Janick Lemieux: It felt liberating. It felt empowering. It felt like I had new hopes and like if I was able to free myself and this man, I was able to do everything I wanted in this life.

Aaron Kennard: Wow.

Janick Lemieux: And I did because I was 17 and I only spoke French and I enrolled in an English College and I didnÕt speak English at all. It was a clean slate. Is that what youÕre saying?

Aaron Kennard: Yeah, yeah. Clean slate. So, you, I mean, IÕm looking at and IÕm hearing that, IÕm thinking, how did you get out? I mean, you took this initiative to fight but it sounds like you had been, all these reading and this had been empowering you to throw out that process I guess, to be able to finally make that jump and get out of your own huh?

Janick Lemieux: Yeah. I donÕt know where I found the strength. I think I found the strength to do all the readings I was doing and to really, I was, I think IÕve always turned to my intuition, to my inner strength to fight it all. I remembered journaling and I remembered being young and highlighting lines and lines and lines and books where you know, where they said, you know, life is wonderful, you are the creator of your life and you can have anything you want and you have the power and God is you and you are God and the Universe is you and it felt better to think that than to think IÕm a failure and IÕm going to die, I hate this life, this life sucks, I hate everybody.

Aaron Kennard: Yes. So you.

Janick Lemieux: So, I went for the better feeling thoughts.

Aaron Kennard: And thatÕs what probably kept you going through that time, that dark time huh?

Janick Lemieux: I wouldnÕt say probably. IÕm sure of it.

Aaron Kennard: Yes, certainly. I mean, because you said you were suicidal. ThatÕs intense. For five years of that age. That belief and that deeper connection with your soul and your intuition had kept you going huh?

Janick Lemieux: Absolutely. I spent so many days in dark, dark, dark places and dark thoughts without knowing you know, what was the next step and just remember. I say this, allowing myself to be quite vulnerable here but, I remember praying to God to take my life. I was like, okay, maybe IÕm too coward to commit suicide but I definitely donÕt want to live anymore. Please, please, please end this and then when I would wake up and I would be still alive, I would be so angry at him. For a God, thinking, even a God donÕt want me. You know?

Aaron Kennard: Wow. That was. Wow. And obviously you are not angry at him anymore. But, how did you reconcile that? Like what happened?

Janick Lemieux: By realizing everyday that, well, okay, so, maybe if he doesnÕt want me dead maybe thereÕs another reason for me to be here. Maybe thereÕs a bigger plan than what I can see. Maybe if I do go to college in English. Then, I donÕt have to stay in this city, in this town, in this province, in this country for the rest of my life. Maybe all this will lead to something wonderful.

Aaron Kennar: Yeah.

Janick Lemieux: And then, you know, it wasnÕt like this every moment. But, when these moments do happen, he will give me strength to carry on to the next episodes of my life.

Aaron Kennard: Because there were so many of the moments where you were just feeling angry at God and angry and rightfully so because you had so many hard things youÕre dealing with. So, what happened then? I mean, I know the story doesnÕt end there.  Like, you got out of the house and IÕm somewhat familiar because your story impacted me when you briefly shared with me some more stuff but, I mean, tell us more, tell me more. What happened next?

Janick Lemieux: So, I had grown up with my momÕs patterns of fear of being betrayed, fear of being hurt, fear of not being loved. And I had not resolved these. I thought that was the way of life. I have attracted that same type of man in my life. And I met a man who I really thought was the man of my life. But I was blinded. I was young. I wanted to get out of my life so much that  anything was better.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Janick Lemieux: And so, I hung onto him as much as I could even though I did feel that it was toxic, it was unhealthy, it wasnÕt meant to be. Sometimes I had these moments. I knew it wasnÕt meant to be but it was more comfortable to be with him and in a pattern I knew how to deal with because I had seen my mom, my mother, how she would. So, even though it wasnÕt good, I still knew how to handle it. And it was better than being alone. Anything than to being alone, and it turned out to be a very, very abusive relationship and every single level you can think of. I think the only abuse that didnÕt take place was the sexual abuse this time and then the (inaudible) abuse.

Aaron Kennard: Wow.

Janick Lemieux: However, crazy relationships. A beautiful miracle happened. My daughter was born. And why I say itÕs a miracle because all the doctors had told me because of all the abuse IÕve had survived when I was a child into my teenage years, the sexual abuse. ThatÕs it. I would never be able to have a baby.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. And then you did.

Janick Lemieux: Uh-huh. Yes.

Aaron Kennard: Wow.

Janick Lemieux: And then I called him my miracle baby.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. Yeah. And then, and so, tell us more. What happened then there in the life that took you forth and.

Janick Lemieux: That relationship lasted from the age until I became pregnant at 21. My daughter was born when I was 22 and so for 8 Years, it was (inaudible) rollercoaster of emotions. And then, the morning I turned 30 Years old, I will always, always, always remember that morning. I woke up and it seems that it was yesterday. I woke up, didnÕt open my eyes, laid in bed and thought, wow, Janick, youÕre 30 this morning and youÕre still alive? Are you serious? Okay. If you want to see your 31st Birthday, you have to get out of here. And within two weeks, I was gone.

Aaron Kennard: So, you took your child whoÕs 8 or 9 and left?

Janick Lemieux: And thatÕs it. My daughter and a few back packs and thatÕs it.

Aaron Kennard: Because during that entire time, 8 or 9 Years. You say itÕs a rollercoaster, IÕm sure you just fast forward us through some nightmares, experiences of being abused that entire time.

Janick Lemieux: Yes.

Aaron Kennard: Like physical abuse, verbal abuse.

Janick Lemieux: Absolutely. Physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse. Anyways, it was really bad. Still, to think (inaudible) that I had experience in my teenager, I didnÕt turn to drugs, I didnÕt turn to alcohol, I didnÕt turn to all these. I turn to more readings and more enriched life experience and in 1995, I was drawn to (inaudible). So I became a (inaudible) master.

Aaron Kennard: During that time?

Janick Lemieux: Yes, during that time, during that time.

Aaron Kennard: And when you say it was a rollercoaster of emotions, were you experiencing high emotions? Joy? I mean, you mentioned, you had your miracle of a daughter through that period as well. Were there high times as well?

Janick Lemieux: Yeah. Actually, there was high times but it was very, almost like a bipolar experience because the highest the high were, the lowest the lows were.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Janick Lemieux: Because as much as I realize, I started to realize more to life than my divinity and there was (inaudible), this power of life from unconditional love and my calling. I was starting to hear my calling. I didnÕt understand why I had a baby, a child with this man if this man was not for me and when I said earlier in this call that I was trying to control everything, thatÕs one major thing in my life that I like to control is that I try to make sense of it all but how can you make sense of it all when you donÕt have all the pieces of the puzzle? Right?

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. ThatÕs a very good statement. I mean, you donÕt see all of the pieces so, how are you possibly going to make them all make sense right?

Janick Lemieux: Exactly.

Aaron Kennard: I mean, there are pieces that are going to come up 10 Years from now that you have no way of seeing. You have the whole puzzle box. I love that analogy. Thank you for sharing that. How can you make sense of it all when you donÕt have all the pieces of the puzzle? ThatÕs awesome. So tell me more about that then.

Janick Lemieux: The way I see it now is that, we all have the little radar in front of our eyes and itÕs just a little screen, right? And as you move along, the screen moves along, whatever appears on the screen. But what appears on your radar is not really what the entirety out there. There is so much more out there.

Aaron Kennard: Yes. I actually shared that example in my book. ThatÕs a very, I use that same visualization. Keep going.

Janick Lemieux: Sorry.

Aaaron Kennard: No. I apologize. Go ahead.

Janick Lemieux:  So, you can now define your reality as what you see in your radar and I did not understand that.


Aaron Kennard: And not understanding that? What did that do for you during those times? ThatÕs the part where you were saying , you were trying to control it, youÕre trying to be perfect and had the results you wanted and not allowing. What was that like? What was it doing?

Janick Lemieux: Exactly Aaron. ThatÕs exactly what was happening. I was trying to control. The only thing I had certainty of, so whatever was on that screen, on that radar screen, I was holding on to these pieces of the puzzle as much as I could and I was trying to make them fit together even though they were not fitting at all. They were all part of a bigger master piece but, not a small one.

Aaron Kennard: That is such a great analogy. I donÕt know why. IÕve never heard that before. ThatÕs really cool. ThatÕs really cool.

Janick Lemieux: Thank you.

Aaron Kennard: So, youÕre trying to make this one master piece within what you can see and itÕs causing you what kind of feelings or what kind of result in your life.

Janick Lemieux: Great. And then you think it is you who is a loser or is a failure but, not making them fit. But, they are not meant to fit. So, itÕs not about you.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah, yup. ThatÕs so cool. ThatÕs very cool. So, you had this (inaudible) awakening experience, that 30th Birthday and you left within 3 weeks and then from there, is that where things started to really the circumstances started to improve?

Janick Lemieux: Yes. I would say that my life really started to take a turn for the better when I became a Rakey master. When I started to learn about there was 3 different levels. And thatÕs when my mind started to expand and you know what they say, once your mind is expanded, you cannot go back.

Aaron Kennard: Yes. Briefly, for people that may not know what Rakey is, can you briefly tell us what that is? What that means to be a Rakey master?

Janick Lemieux: Yeah. I guess the easiest way to describe it is the universal power of life and that your Rakey practitioners, you become a channel of that and I mean, we are all channels of Rakey. Every single one of us has a potential to channel energy. But our channels are blocked for most of us and yeah. Once you clear these channels,  and you allow yourself to just be a vessel for the universe (inaudible), you can you know, IÕm going to say, heal situations as itÕs supposed to be healed.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Janick Lemieux: And not as we want them to be healed but as theyÕre supposed to be healed.

Aaron Kennard: And that goes back to your analogy that your, you know, you align yourself with the energy of life that is bigger than what you can see and itÕs like that puzzle can fit together how itÕs suppose to rather than how you want it to try to fit?

Janick Lemieux: Yes. Because, sometimes what we think once, is solely based on what we see on that radar.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Janick Lemieux: So, we really have to ask our self, when we want something, we really have to ask our self, what is it that I want? Why do I want it? And once you find that answer to the why, ask yourself again, and why do I want that? And why do I want that? And why do I want that? Until there is no more answer. And once you get to the essence of what it is that you want, you really have to enter of what it is that you want.

Aaron Kennard: Yes. ThatÕs a very powerful technique. Okay. IÕve heard a lot of people mention like asking five whys to everything in order to really get that root reason. ItÕs important stuff. You mentioned that now at this point, because you became a Rakey master, the things started to prove your circumstances started to improve and was that the major turning point in your life where you were able to break free from this kind of bondage of all these negative circumstances or was there more that happened after that?

Janick Lemieux: Well, of course, the rollercoaster of life. Life is a rollercoaster. I was able to surf the waves in a much easier and smoother fashion. And I was able at that point I was morbidly obese. I was a size 26, I donÕt know if you can picture that. But that was over 250 Pounds and I was only 30 Years old. It was the heaviest I had as itÕs been. But itÕs spoke a lot about my life and about how I was trying to hide from this life and not want to live. But then, miracles happen and I decided to love myself for having been able to lead a relationship that was not only serving me but was not serving this man and it was not serving our child about it.

Aaron Kennard: What was it that got you to do that? What was it that, I mean, so thatÕs what, if people hearing or listening can find or hear what cause that transformation? What allowed you to love yourself? What was that?

Janick Lemieux: It was one thought at a time, one step at a time. I didnÕt wake up like that morning that I was at my apartment. It wasnÕt like fun, everythingÕs great, this life is great and letÕs paint this life. No, I still had lots of downs, lots of that. However, I was (inaudible) and letting go more and more and more. And was not oppressed by often the abuse, financial abuse, I was still living to some abuse because the custody battle was awful, was really, really awful.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Janick Lemieux: However, the more you align yourself with you divinity, and with your truth, the more you attract situations to allow you to become who you really are. And I grew in strength and I grew in love and I grew in beauty and I grew in wealth and I grew in everything positive in my life. And I was able to shed a hundred pounds.

Aaron Kennard: Wow. Over what period of time?

Janick Lemieux: About 2 Years.

Aaron Kennard: That is amazing.

Janick Lemieux: It is amazing. And it didnÕt happen all the night. It wasnÕt, a lot of people asked me, well, what diet did you choose?  What did this did you have? And what this did you do? And really, itÕs different for everybody. Like, thereÕs no miracle recipe out there. ItÕs just that once you start to love yourself and accept yourself and be grateful for everything about you, even the things that you think that you donÕt like. Well, other choices become easier. It becomes easier to choose a fruit over some pride. It becomes easier to choose the chairs over the elevator. It becomes easier to go for a walk instead of sitting down and watching TV because all of a sudden, you see yourself as the divinity that you are.

Aaron Kennard: Yes. ThatÕs so true. And it goes along with what you said earlier. When everythingÕs going good, you donÕt hurt others including yourself. When youÕre feeling good, you donÕt want to hurt yourself, you want to good to yourself when youÕre feeling this love for yourself. Right?

Janick Lemieux: Yeah.

Aaron Kennard: But how did you get to that point? I mean, it sound as itÕs been throughout your whole life constantly who is trying to read and to seek. You get closer to yourself. ItÕs not like thereÕs this one event that changes everything for you. It sounds like it was a constant daily seeking to be positive and find the good and love yourself huh?

Janick Lemieux: Uh-huh. I get some reading. I guess reading has been part of my entire life. But I also started writing more and more and more and anything from writing on a gratitude journals to success journals to manifesting journals.

Aaron Kennard: And how impactful was that writing for you at that point in your life or throughout your life?

Janick Lemieux: Yeah. It was the morning pages suggested by In The Artist Way by Julia Cameron. So, I did that for a while but.

Aaron Kennard: WhatÕs that called? The Morning Pages?

Janick Lemieux: Yeah. ThatÕs exactly what itÕs called. The Morning Pages in the book, The Artist Way. Well, the thing is, with me, itÕs just like following a recipe. I can never just follow a recipe. I always adapt it to my taste. Right?

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. I understand.

Janick Lemieux: So, thatÕs what I did also. I mean, yeah. These were guidelines. So I adapted them for me. So, there were days that I would skip. There were weeks where I would skip. And then it became experimental. So, I found out that when I donÕt do it. ItÕs easy for me to spiral down and not feel good anymore. So, of course, I would do it more and more because everybody wants to be happy. And then you know, life has taught me lessons that I implemented in my life and that now I use as tools and really whenever I teach, I love to talk. ItÕs not just, oh, do this and youÕll see, your life will turn into magic. No, IÕve been there. I know it works. I did it. So, my tools may not be your tools. But, the Law of Attraction teaches that you can find your own tools and gain the intuition and own your power to implement them in your life.

Aaron Kennard: Yes. ThatÕs very cool. Maybe weÕre transitioning towards the end of the call here. Or what are your tools that you are using now? I mean, youÕve described your life briefly in the beginning but some of these tools that brought you talking about t the Rakey, you talking about writing and youÕre talking about reading. Those are all tools. What would describe or some of the most important impactful tools that you still use on a daily basis too in your life?

Janick Lemieux: I have so many tools Aaron. We would need two hours or so for me to just walk you through all the tools I use.

Aaron Kennard: Wow.

Janick Lemieux: The thing is that, I called them the treasure chest, right? Some people tell you have baggage. None of us have baggage. We have backgrounds, we have treasures that weÕve found along our path that we can choose to toss or put it in our treasure chest. And throughout the years, IÕve filled this incredible treasure chest that I use and there are days that I know exactly which tool I must  going to use because it comes to my mind automatically and I do it. And other days where IÕm just like, ooh, I know I have this entire chest but I donÕt know which one to use. So, I go through them and I just allow it. IÕll give you and example.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. Please.

Janick Lemieux: Something that happened to me yesterday actually, and IÕm so proud. So, for the last, IÕll say, 3 to 4 weeks I have been wanting to find a place somewhere warm because here in Canada right now, thereÕs a lot of snow. We have blizzard and itÕs like minus 40, itÕs horrible.

Aaron Kennard: Wow.

Janick Lemieux: Yeah. So, IÕve been dreaming of being by the sea working on a book, working on every tree and really, just sitting on the beach with the sun on my skin, all that. And then, about 3 Weeks ago, I got a contact on my email, people saying, hey, you know, you have a villa, would it be possible for me to rent it? What are the cost? And they looked like to me, it was very vague, it didnÕt look like it was leading anywhere. So, I decided to just, not give up but, I use the sentence let go and (inaudible). So, I just decided not to insist.  And then yesterday morning, I did the six days meditation. Are you familiar with that?

Aaron Kennard: No. IÕm not.

Janick Lemieux: Okay. So, when we were at (inaudible), he introduced us to a six days meditation.

Aaron Kennard: Oh, I must have missed that one. I have to go check it out.

Janick Lemieux: It can found on the (inaudible) and also online.

Aaron Kennard: Nice. Cool.

Janick Lemieux: It combines six different phases. About 20 Minutes. And I did it yesterday morning and yesterday morning, in that visualization, I felt myself on the beach that I had never felt before and it just felt so real and then you know, I continued with the meditation, it was done. And then I didnÕt think more of it. And then during the day, I was at my computer and I had a feeling of posting a video about a rescued dog. We rescued our dog about a year ago.

Aaron Kennard: Oh cool.

Janick Lemieux: And I was like, why would I post a video of this rescued puppy like a year ago? And when he was found, he could barely walk because he was also abused.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Janick Lemieux: But anyways, I didnÕt over analyze it. I just tested my intuition. I posted the video. But little bit I know, the people who owned the villa, the people I contacted about the villa. They love animals.

Aaron Kennard: Okay.

Janick Lemieux: They saw my video and they saw something in me they havenÕt seen before and they knew automatically that the perfect person to take care of their 2 dogs while they are going away for a month, theyÕre not renting the villa to me, theyÕre giving me the villa for a month.

Aaron Kennard: Wow. So initially you were talking to them about renting it?

Janick Lemieux: Yes.

Aaron Kennard: And now, theyÕre giving it? Are you going soon?

Janick Lemieux: Yes in June. Well, soon.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. Wow.

Janick Lemieux: So, just by visualizing and not focusing on the dreaded house as I could but on the end result. The end result was me being there, on the beach, in the sea, working on my book, working at helping people with my retreats, giving tools and yeah. ThatÕs one of the tools that I use.

Aaron Kennard: And so, the thing that brought it out was, you just felt whatever you didnÕt know what you felt, need to post that thing but you just followed your intuition, followed your heart and posting that thing then led to the realization of this thing even better than you couldÕve thought of what could it be huh.

Janick Lemieux: Yeah. And what IÕve called that, what happened yesterday about the posting that and all this, itÕs what I call an Internal GPS.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Janick Lemieux: You know, you can punch in your GPS to final destination but, if you never start driving youÕll never get there and your GPS will never give you the instructions on how to get there. But when I punched in my final destination which was on a beach somewhere, I didnÕt know which beach, I didnÕt know when but, I didnÕt bother with the hows and the when and the how much money and how will I get the money because when you start to focus on the how, you only focus on whatÕs on your radar. Right?

Aaron Kennard: Right.

Janick Lemieux: So, instead I just focus on the end results and then start like, went on with my day. But as I go on with my day, my internal GPS kicks in and then the guidance said post this video. Well, who am I to analyze what for?

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Janick Lemieux: And I did.

Aaron Kennard: ThatÕs so cool.

Janick Lemieux: And sometimes, infinite possibilities. Really, thatÕs what it is. Infinite possibilities, we cannot even start to imagine the possibilities that are outside our radar.

Aaron Kennard: Yes. ThatÕs so cool and thatÕs just an example of one of the tools in your tools chest is that six phase meditation which you just added in you tool chest within the last couple of months. Is that right?

Janick Lemieux: Yes. Absolutely.

Aaron Kennard: The other tools would be that you write and youÕve said hundreds of tools that you have that you use in order to connect with yourself and to create the life that you want and all of that huh.

Janick Lemieux: You are absolutely right. I use vision boards, I use a lot of processes by Abrahams and the Law of Attraction, I use creativity, I meditate, I also take care of my body, my physical body by exercising, by juicing, by just really honoring this vehicle that we have because thatÕs what it is. ItÕs a human vehicle for our divine soul.

Aaron Kennard: Yes. It is super refreshing talking to you about all this and as we fast forward here. I mean, you mentioned in the beginning you have five children and a husband and a beautiful life now. Free of all these pain and abuse and that is just awesome to hear to see your story. Thank you for trading that for me as IÕve walked through. For everybody listening, to hear of what you think about life going back to the beginning compared to all of the suffering and trial that you went through so many years. So, itÕs amazing. Thank you so much for sharing that with us and just sharing your light and your persistence to being in this space of love and light in despite the pain and the trials that you went through. ItÕs super inspiring. Thank you.

Janick Lemieux: YouÕre so very welcome. ItÕs been an honor to share this with you and really, I guess the message I want to leave you with and your audience with is, when you choose to love yourself and you choose to see the divinity and to be grateful for everything about you from your little toes to your fingers, to your beating heart, to your lungs and to your blood and everything thatÕs a miracle about you. Then you start to see that in others also. And when people hurt you, you realize that they donÕt hurt you because they are mean and because they are hurtful people, they hurt you because they are hurt themselves and who needs more love than people who are hurt?  So, I choose love every time. This is really my ultimate message. ItÕs so much easier to choose love than to choose hate. And when your actions are guided by love, your life will actually turn out to miracles days after days, moments after moments, minutes after minutes.

Aaron Kennard: That is so fantastic. Let me ask you then. Of all the colors, you know the 12 Pillars that I teach and there are other posters. Which of them stand out to you most at this point?

Janick Lemieux: IÕve seen it and I guess thereÕs a few of them. But, right now, the here and now is about creating.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. Cool.

Janick Lemieux: IÕm in a very creative phase right now. So, and if I could just say that for a few weeks, IÕve been postponing trainings because I guess IÕm telling myself that I have so much other things to do, so much important things to do. I cannot stop and paint like I canÕt because my to-do list is so big. And then one morning, one of the other tools I use is a place (inaudible). Anyways, itÕs a to-do list. And I wonÕt get in to it. But, I was writing down my to-do list, and then, I found myself writing in capital letters TAINT. And it was (inaudible), and it was affirmative, and it was not an option.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Janick Lemieux: And then, once I wrote it down, and I thought, what if itÕs not an option? What if itÕs the most important thing I do to myself right now is to paint and to create and to be in a feel good place and that everything else will be so much easier to do once I let that creativity flew, go through me. So, yeah.

Aaron Kennard: And that was just recently you said? Did that just happened?

Janick Lemieux: Yeah. It was about 2 Weeks ago.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. And then what happened?

Janick Lemieux: Oh my gosh. I finished a canvas and I started out another one and I am so happy when I paint and then everything else becomes so much clearer and so much easier too. And when youÕre in a feel good place, you attract feel good situations to you. So, itÕs the Law of Attraction. And if you try to do things by obligation, you attach resistance to it. When you are in a feel good place, then everything else is easier to do.

Aaron Kennard: ThatÕs cool. ThatÕs so awesome. Well, weÕd better wrap up. Is a there a book that youÕd most highly recommend to somebody and if theyÕre trying to make a shift toward living in this place of love and living a truly amazing life? Because the thing is, there is a million books, so many good books out there. So, itÕs a hard question.

Janick Lemieux: That is like the hardest question that anybody cannot see because IÕve been reading books all my life right?

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Janick Lemieux: So, as I was thinking of that question, what books could I possibly recommend? And I donÕt want to say that this book is the only that had influenced me because there are dozens of. But, the one that I feel inclined to my intuition is telling me to say, it is called, The Diamond in Your Pocket. ItÕs by Gangaji. The Diamond in Your Pocket, discovering your true radiance.

Aaron Kennard: Interesting. And what did you love about that one?

Janick Lemieux: This book is asking powerful questions and helps deconstruct all the mislabel that we are to view to our self and I had a very, very big Aha moment when I listened. I got introduced to this book by Shortsman Visualization Meditation by her. And I knew that that meditation was an extract from her book and itÕs just so very powerful. It helps you strip down really so naked to the source and realize that all the misconstructions that we build around our selves and thatÕs what we do all the hurt and the pain.

Aaron Kennard: Oh, thatÕs very cool. Thank you very much for saying that. IÕve never heard of it. And thatÕs awesome. So, well, thank you again Janick. ItÕs been so fantastic. Is there a place that people can go to learn more about what you do and your coaching?

Janick Lemieux: Right now, I am in the process of constructing my website. It will be www.janicklemieux.com and in the meantime, they can find me on Facebook (inaudible).

Aaron Kennard: Okay. WeÕll put our post slide on the show notes. People can go over to trulyamazinglife.com/podcast. Click on this, look for this episode and I will put a link to this book. Into her Facebook page and into her website so that you can get in touch with Janick if you would like to and thanks so much again. ItÕs been a real pleasure to know that people are going to get value out of your experience. ItÕs amazing, your outlook on life despite what youÕve been through and itÕs amazing to me to see why those things all happen in order to, I know thereÕs going to be people blessed so many peopleÕs lives and I know there already are through what you are doing in your work but IÕm honored to be able to share your message with more people so that more people that can be touched and again, thank you Janick. Thank you everybody for listening and we will leave you with that for today. Have a fantastic day.

Janick Lemieux: Thank you Aaron. ItÕs been truly an honor and I would like to acknowledge the impact you have in this world and thank you for shining your light and for honoring you sole purpose and being your true divinity. ItÕs an honor to be in your presence.

Aaron Kennard: Well, thank you. I feel likewise. So, with that, weÕll let you all go and weÕll catch you all on the next episode. Thanks.























3:36 - ItÕs not what you want, itÕs what you focus on.

28:40 - How can you make sense of it all when you donÕt have all the pieces of the puzzle?

29:37 - we all have the little radar in front of our eyes and itÕs just a little screen.

32:40 - What that means to be a Rakey master?

34:15 - what is it that I want? Why do I want it?

36:42 - What allowed you to love yourself?

42:44 - What are your tools that you are using now?

46:00 - he introduced us to a six days meditation.

48:46 – ItÕs what I call an Internal GPS.

53:20 – Who needs more love than people who are hurt?