Winning the war for your mind

Continuing a thought from yesterday…I just saw this email from TAL Family member Felicia:

My biggest challenge is living in an environment that is so negative.

I don’t know when I allowed it to win the war for my mind because in my twenties I remember how great my life was. Not because I was young, and free of responsibilities but because I understood that I was my own best friend.

I had wonderful experiences. But after my mother died nine years ago, I haven’t been able to reach that level of peace and bliss that I lived in.

Can you relate to fighting a war for your mind?

I can.

Sometimes it feels like a war going on for control up there.

There is a way to make peace up there though, despite the fact that negativity is going to rear its ugly head in one form or another until the day we die.

The thoughts we entertain on a daily basis make a huge contribution to whether we are winning or losing it.

We all have the freedom to choose to consciously direct them.


Challenge is we forget as we get swept up in life’s daily ‘stuff’.

Wanna know the most simple way to combat that?

Set up a habit of repeating just a few positive affirmations throughout the day.


That’s just one way. There are many others…for example: write how you feel and get your thoughts out of your head, spend time envisioning your ideals, meditate, pray, serve other people.

That’s just a few.

Do the simple things and you win the war…in fact do the simple things and you stop having to fight. Life becomes a lot easier and negativity usually just rolls off.


How do I get myself to do the little, simple things I know I should do?

That’s the bigger challenge. Just doing what we know. We sabotage ourselves for a myriad of reasons.

That’s why I created 5 Minute Mental Mastery – Believe. And why I’m in the process of creating new 30 day systems for each of the 12 pillars of a TAL.

To fill your mind and heart with empowering beliefs every single day that will kick out the lies that are causing you to sabotage yourself.

We all have lies inside that sabotage us. Just think of one thing you know you want to do or not do, but yet you keep doing (or not doing) it for some unknown reason.

Yep…some belief in your subconscious is causing that.

5MMM helps root out some of those by helping you fill your mind with empowering truth and questioning the subconscious assumptions.

That’s just one thing it does.


And does it work? Does it help you win the war?


Here’s the latest result I received:


I want to tell you how much you’ve changed my life just by teaching me how to remain positive under any circumstances.

The daily affirmations keep me in the right frame of mind to believe all will be well. Thank you again!



Just like Alisa and thousands of others who have done it, you too can establish simple positive habits of affirmation and writing, etc. that will change your life dramatically.

It’s all about the small, simple things.  Daily getting back to the basics.

That’s all for now…


Make Today Amazing!



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  1. andrew Reply

    there’s a war in my head and im only 19 and im always taking the toll of the anger and other emotions out on the people around and i dont know how to stop it i really feel terrible

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