Why ‘success’ is so dang hard to hold onto

I figured out how to find instant success…thanks to Earl Nightingale.

He was the pioneer in audio books and motivational tapes back in the mid 1900’s.

And what he taught me massively changed my quality of life. It has given me a deeper sense of peace and ease.

I used to find myself striving a lot, failing a lot, and only occasionally succeeding.

Every now and again I would hit my goals!

Hurray!! Celebrate!

Huge satisfaction of success!

Only to find the next day it was gone. Slipped right through my fingers.


What?! No!! Come Back!

All that work, and striving, and late nights, and sacrificing time away from family, and friends, for just that one measly day of feeling amazing?!?

And then I had to start all over from scratch it felt like.



After about a bazillion of those experiences, Earl finally saved me (I sometimes learn the hard way)

By redefining success entirely for me.


What is success???

Ahhh…success…that elusive, slippery, never-permantently-achieved thing we all strive so hard for until some of us (the smarter ones than me) just give up because we realize it’s unatainable.

And yes it is ‘permanently unattainable’, as it is commonly known.

Here’s how the dictionary defines success:

1. the favourable outcome of something attempted
2. the attainment of wealth, fame, etc 

And so its no surprise that is what we are all programmed to believe.

But what Earl revealed was a different definition for the word.



Here’s a better definition of success:

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.

-Earl Nightingale

That’s it?

Yep. And that changes everything.

With that definition you can constantly FEEL successful and BE successful. Even when you so-called ‘fail’, meaning something you attempt doesn’t work as planned.

You just have to convince your subconscious to believe earl’s definition.


Success can be achieved every single moment of life. With this definition it is 100% in our control and our choice.

And knowing that, and always remembering it, YOU ARE FREE.

That’s why it is one of the 12 pillars of a truly amazing life.

Personally, it is paramount to my freedom, joy, satisfaction – not to mention my ability to achieve greatness!

Because feeling successful every moment, by simply remaining focused every moment on worthy goals and ideals, is a sure path to massive achievement also.


But it is NOT the achievement or end result that is the ‘success’…contrary to what webster claims.

At least not for me and Earl Nightingale!

And it is NOT the end result that brings true and lasting satisfaction, fulfillment, joy and peace.


It’s the constant, moment by moment, striving toward your highest ideal and most worthy goal, that brings those things.

So get Earl’s definition burned into your subconscious.


Get this poster on your walls so you are reminded to Succeed Right Now!

Not later.

Be successful this very moment!

Never wait another moment to start feeling and being successful.

There is no good reason to put off success until later.


Make Today Amazing!


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