TAL 5: Why Michael Sandler Is Grateful For Literally Everything! (Including the ‘muck’)

I was so fascinated talking to Michael!  What a joyous soul to be around.

I don’t think there’s anything that could get this happy man down.   You’ve got to hear his story in this interview!!   His attitude is absolutely inspiring.

Talk about going through the ringer…if anyone can show us the way to deal with challenges and setbacks, it is Michael.  He smiles through it all!

A couple highlights from the episode

Here’s a quote from Michael when asked, what makes life Truly Amazing to you?

Life, love, energy, light…all of that.  The experiences we ‘re going through, the muck, the fun times, the beautiful times, the challenging times, it all adds up, and its all happening as it should and for a reason.  So I”m extremely grateful, thankful, and happy.  Life is beautiful.

And here’s what he had to say about balance, and when to push and persist, and when to let go:

There’s only one time you drive.  And that is if you’re passionate about it.
If you lose hours, days, weeks, years of your life doing something because it seems like so much fun that you can’t picture yourself doing anything else…then YOU’RE ON TRACK!
Keep going for it!
On the other hand, there’s self-doubt, there’s pain, it becomes drudgery, work, the doors keep closing, why am I doing this?  It doesn’t feel right.
[screech sound]
You’re getting the early warning signs that you could be in for a Michael Sandler!”

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Interview Transcript

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  1. Extraordinary, beautiful interview guys! Love you.

    • Thanks for listening Eric! And for being the catalyst to make the interview happen.

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