Why I hate positivity sometimes

Do you find yourself resisting positive messages sometimes?

Like not wanting to open my emails or read positive blog posts?

Or avoiding people you know are generally positive and happy?

You’re not alone…I don’t want to open my own emails sometimes!

Seriously…I don’t.

Like when I’m not feeling amazing…too many tasks, behind on some commitment I made to myself…whatever.

Sometimes hearing a positive message from someone just isn’t what we need.


So I can fully relate to what one 5MMM member wrote me the other day:


“I wanted to share this with you because your help and teachings got me where I am today.

So….on Wednesday 4th June I married my partner of 14 years in Athens and…it was a lovely low key affair which suited me great .

Then last Thursday, the day after I got married, my dad phoned me to tell me his sister had died suddenly that afternoon.

Since then I’ve been battling on and having people tell me that they are really sorry about my auntie but I have a christening to do and that is stressful enough without my grief adding to it.

Now I am on holiday and I can cry and grieve as much as I like but all I am feeling is anger and negativity.

I haven’t read any 5mmm emails since Wednesday 4th, sorry. I want to but I am so consumed by negativity that I can’t.

I’ve tried saying thank you and being grateful for things but it’s just not heartfelt.

I’m in glorious sunshine, swimming in beautiful clear water but I’m still wallowing.

I want to wallow, I want to be angry at the world, I want to see all the negatives.

Positivity has gone and I am glad, I don’t want to taste it’s sweetness or feel it lift my heart.

I want to hide behind my sunglasses and scowl and feel sorry for myself.

I want to climb a big mountain and scream at the top of my lungs, I want to close the door, world leave me alone, let me be.

The mind can be a truly horrible, haunting thing. I close my eyes and I see my auntie dying, in pain, I feel her fear and she is so scared but I can’t help her. I see danger everywhere, I can’t relax, I have to stay alert, get ready.

I know it’s all lies but my positive voice is soo quiet I can’t hear it and I’m too tired to try.

So I’m sorry for not reading your mails and not contributing more on FB, I was sooooooo looking forward to this journey but I guess it’s not my time yet.

I will get through this but I just don’t know when.

By the way, as I said in the beginning I am truly grateful to you because there would have been no wedding or baptism without you.”


Can you relate?

It’s strange but very real what our mind can do when negativity takes hold.

This same type of thing happens to me sometimes too…none of us are immune from negativity.

And when negativity takes hold, it wants NOTHING to do with anything positive.

That’s why we hate positivity sometimes and resist it.

Negativity and positivity DON’T MIX.

When we are in one state, we tend to repel the other state.

Like vinegar and oil.


Here’s what I recommend to us all:

It’s OK. Be patient with yourself. You’ll be back. No need to force it.

Your happiness and desire for positivity will be back.

It’s OK to let go of expectation and you don’t need to be blissfully happy all the time in order to have an amazing life.

It’s ok to accept and observe the anger and learn from it.

No need to feel guilty…though I totally get that feeling.

Just to let it all be.

Even this anger, it’s all here for a reason, it’s all here for your good somehow eventually.

So it’s ok to allow yourself to accept it for what it is, observe it, and allow it to pass in its own due course.

Same thing with the blissfully joyful times.

We just learn to accept it all, to appreciate it all for the gift it gives us and not get too hung up on one state or another.

Storms come.

Calm comes.

It’s all part of the package and it is all ok.


When you do get sick and tired of the negativity though…or if you just want to be more present to what’s happening and get some control over the psychotic thoughts of anxiety….

Grab a pen and paper.

Start putting your thoughts in writing.

It’s actually quite fascinating to observe them and just see what spews forth out of our crazed mind.

And don’t for a minute think you’re alone.

Every one of us experiences those crazy thoughts and feelings sometimes.


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