Why I don’t use Webster’s definition of success

I’m skipping around a bit in the A2Z.

Inspiration doesn’t come in alphabetical order.

So I take it how it comes 😉

Thanks to everyone for the FANTASTIC suggestions for N, U, and Q – that helped a lot.

It was really interesting how many people suggested the same things.

Quiet and Understanding consistently came up.

O and X are two more I would love your thought power on 😉

But today’s topic is….


“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal” according to the inspired Earl Nightingale.

Embrace this and you can succeed right this instant, no matter your circumstance, just be persistent.

Take one small step forward and you’re a success.

Redefine it this way and you’ll clean up the mess of your head filled with thoughts of failure and gloom.

Redefine it and instantly clean the whole room of your mind, and create a clean slate indeed.

One step turns your state to joy, so you need just one action progressing your goal, that’s how; you can succeed right now.

The dictionary says this about success:

  • the accomplishment of an aim or purpose
  • the attainment of popularity or profit

I like Earl’s definition better.

It’s much more empowering and provides for experiencing the feeling of success and celebrating often, every day instead of just here and there.

That’s all for my insights on living a TAL today!

See below for updates on all your fantastic feedback on the Truly Amazing Life Mastermind community idea.

Thanks by the way!

It’s exciting to hear your thoughts and sense we’re on the right track of creating something even more amazing.

Make today amazing! One step at a time.



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