Why a daily ritual for clarity is so important

Last week I asked for experiences or challenges on ‘Unsaturating ourselves from the foolishness around us’;)

(i.e. removing negative influences from our lives.)

The general consensus was this:


We can control much of our environment, especially when it comes to Social Media. And making conscious choices there will help immensely.

See the end of this email to read 4 specific experiences from TAL Family members on this


Here’s one challenge I heard that I’ll briefly address:


Insightful as always.

I find that every morning I wake with negativity and regret about the past day and the day ahead. As the day goes on I only really see achievement in getting through the day and not wonder in the day itself.

Your intermittent emails both help and remind me that I have a long way to go.

After a major breakdown things have been steady in the last few months and I have been trying very hard to keep things moving in the right direction.

I am back at the gym when I can motivate myself to (about 2 to 3 times a week) and I am trying to be much more tolerant of my self.

However, procrastination has crept back in through fear and I am starting to have the negative self-talk return.

I worry that I am not fulfilling people’s expectations and continually say in my mind “right, I’m gonna do this” or “right, I am gonna do that” only to not do either.

Any advice or wise words??


Alan C


I really appreciate Alan for opening up, getting vulnerable, and being real about what he’s dealing with.

The truth is the first step to freedom.

Without this confrontation with truth we bind ourselves indefinitely. So kudos Alan!! And you’re not alone in this.

I totally relate to your last paragraph, and have been there many times.

I’ve found myself not being able to ‘force myself’ to do certain things, no matter how hard I try sometimes.

What I’ve discovered for me is it always comes back to re-connecting with myself, clarity on my purpose, and forgiveness that gets me unstuck.

For example – I’ll take the thing I’m struggling to do and spend time writing about it:

“Why do you want to do this? Why don’t you want to do this? What is your resolution?”

When I get really clear on my motivations, in writing, and when I forgive myself and stop beating myself up for failing in the past, it energizes me to move ahead with what I want to do.

Just this morning I had a pretty emotional session doing this writing/praying/forgiveness process with myself.

It is one of the 12 daily habits of a truly amazing life.

I highly recommend establishing a morning ritual time that you gift to yourself. This is the most important thing we can do for our life in my experience.


Which of course, is why I always talk about it 😉

And why VERY SOON we’ll be establishing 1 of these habits per month together, every month of the year, as part of 5 Minute Mental Mastery and the TAL Mastermind launching officially June 2!!

I’m super excited to open the doors for official signup in the next week or so.


Make Today Amazing!



P.S. – Here’s the experience share:

Re: Facebook & social media

“Although there are positive stories out there I bet the majority of news feeds would have some form of negativity (maybe because it’s classed as news!?)

Some of the pictures I see posted I find quite upsetting, if there is a sick child and you are being asked to like the picture to save them, etc.

I guess it’s a case of learning to filter what you do and do not read.”

Leona Murdy


When someone brings up negative topics, it is easy to get wound up into it, and let it dominate your thoughts. I had a woman telling me how the world is so messed up, blaming politics, etc. It made me realize how much people let things that don’t directly effect their lives effect their lives.

I do not listen to what is going on in the outside world, just my world, the people I deal with, the inner self, and keep those things I can control positive.

Yes, negativity creeps in on all of us, it is up to us to change our mindset, look for the good, and move forward with a positive attitude.

After all, what we can’t control, the higher source can control for us.

Scott Spink


“My Facebook page was full of people I didn’t really know that well, negative images, videos, statuses etc.

I decided to remove as much of it as possible by deleting negative people, pages and groups and adding positive ones and sending out my own positive thoughts and messages.

It made such a huge difference. I got a more positive vibe and was much more uplifted. I found it worked amazingly well.”

Kirsty Mae Norman


“When you see negativity, you will see negativity.

What I mean is I just don’t give it much time, attention or thought like I used to and so I don’t see it all the time like I used to.

I try to eliminate as many sources of negativity from my life as possible.

I don’t watch TV or the news. I’ve eliminated all negative sources on my Facebook friend and like list. I’ve tried to replace these sources with as much positivity as I can and it’s working.

I’m searching for positivity and that’s what I’m getting.

Thanks for everything.”

Ann Prophet


Thank you all for sharing…definitely a common theme there.

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