Who’s winning your internal fight…the negative or positive thoughts?


You’ve certainly heard me talking about 5 Minute Mental Mastery before…well I have to keep sharing, because the results keep pouring in.

Look what happened for Tara, one of our TAL Mastermind Pre-Launch team members…

Thank you so much Aaron for your dedication to helping others!!

You’ve helped me to get from a pretty negative state to one which is so much nicer. I’m much happier & my days are brighter. I am (most of the time) feeling calmer and more focused.

I’d been trying to achieve a happy state, but had no idea how to get there. I was always up & down fighting internally, my negative thoughts often wining out.

Your guidance has helped me to combat a lot of that negativity. It is a fantastic life skill. I will continue with the daily affirmations, to continue my self development.

Also all the podcasts you do, as well as your regular emails, and now the FB group is all helping me on a daily basis.

I’m a big fan of yours! I am looking forward to future teachings, guidance & inspiration 🙂

Thank you!



Thank you Tara! I’m truly humbled and honored to be in a position to help.

And if you haven’t gone through 5MMM yet, what are you waiting for?

Well, in case you were waiting for some special invitation…here it is…I’m making this accessible for everyone…no excuses.

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Watch the 3 minute video I just made for you with a special offer on 5MMM as well as the TAL Mastermind.

This system works! And if you put your heart into it, it will transform your life.

It will reduce negativity’s stronghold on your mind and empower you with happiness, focus, and peace of mind.


Go Make Today Amazing!


P.S. – Seriously…if you haven’t gone through 5MMM and you’re reading this, click here and watch my quick video.

This is foundational to living a truly amazing life. Everyone in the TAL Family should experience what Tara and others have.

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