Which mountain should you climb?

Yesterday I saw a virtual mountain of work ahead of me for the week and no clear way to do it all.


Literally…couldn’t function properly at all…found minutes and hours just slipping by with mindless work in front of my computer screen.


You know the feeling I’m sure…overwhelmlack of clarity…BLAH.

Finally about Noon I had accomplished nothing of significance and I ‘cracked’. Definitely not feeling the ‘amazing’ vibe yesterday morn…

What do I mean by ‘cracked’?

I got sick and tired enough of not feeling good that I made this statement in my head: “I’m not going to live another moment feeling this way…I REFUSE. I don’t care what has to be done…the only thing that matters right now is that I feel better.”

So I grabbed two water bottles and took off running to the top of the nearest mountain.


4 hours later, back at my desk my mind was clear, I felt on a high with life despite none of my original ‘mountain of things’ getting done.

And I easily clarified my plans for the week.

Life felt full. I got unstuck. I felt happy and myself again.

And I was suddenly HIGHLY productive!


Sometimes the best thing to do when you have ‘too much to do’ is to not do any of it and go run up a mountain instead;)

Not all the time of course…sometimes it’s best to get into action on the things you’ve got in front of you.

But if you’re stuck, don’t be afraid to just let go and go DO something you love. You are more than worth it. You feeling good is the most important thing that can happen for you and everyone around you.

Everything works better when you feel good.


Make Today Amazing!



P.S. – Are you climbing the right mountain right now?



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