When Monday doesn’t feel entirely amazing…

Task overload.

I had an enjoyable, liberating, and empowering thing going for a few weeks. I replaced my habit of email/social media checking with checking my task list instead. I felt a lot of control and ease and flow. I was very aware of all my commitments. I got a lot more done. Then I slipped out of that the last week, and I’m left analyzing why?

What happened?

My thoughts?

The task list grew too fast.

Made too many commitments to myself.

Got overambitious. (weird…that never happens!;)


Then the list was too big. It became daunting to look at it, so I reverted to looking at email, or something else less daunting. I think it was ‘humungous list daunt syndrome’ that set in.

Yeah that’s it.

HLDS…definitely a mild case of HLDS…

They warned me about this one when I told them I wanted to do big things and help a lot of people. They say you have zero risk of HLDS if you make sure to never have any goals or dreams, and make sure you don’t try to do anything good for others…hmmm….I guess I may always be at high risk.

the problem?

It keeps getting more daunting.

I feel more unsettled each day as I get farther behind.

But I also feel a slow drip of motivation leaking out, and drops of discouragement sprinkling down and layers of confidence in my ability to stay on top of it all shedding off one at a time.


But I’m probably the only one who feels this.

yeah…why am I even talking about this?

This probably only happens to me…


Well…I’m coming back over to your party guys. I don’t particularly care for the whole ‘less motivation/slightly discouraged/less confident/a bit unsettled/slipping into mind-numbing habits’ state of affairs. (wow, serious slash fest there eh?)


How to stop overwhelm dead in its tracks?

Same as always.

1 – STOP. Shut out all distraction.

2 – Write everything down in one place.

3 – Prioritize the list.

4 – Complete the highest priority with no distractions.

5 – Move to the next priority.


Oh yeah. Easy.


OK Go.



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