What do you do?

Isn’t that kind of a strange question?

What do I do about what??

Of course we know what people mean. What do you ‘do for a living’? What do you do to ‘make money’.

It’s such a common question.

For the last year and half I’ve been wondering about the answer to that. It’s easy to respond about my real estate businesses, and that I’m writing and publishing. But it became kind of a perplexing question because there are so many things I do…hard to answer that simply.


As I thought, I realized what I want to ‘do’ is to help people live a truly amazing life.

But that’s pretty broad.

Hard to explain that and connect with people easily.

But I went forth, giving, writing, creating, and wondering, how do I tell people what I do more specifically and succinctly? And after a long time I’ve realized what my main specific gift is.

What do I do?

I help people Make Today Amazing – by establishing the 12 habits of a Truly Amazing Life.


That’s what I do.

That’s the way I serve people.

Indeed that is the specific thing that has made life truly amazing for me.

And it’s one specific thing I am amazing at. It’s good to recognize our talents and gifts. Are you aware of yours? Are you confident in them?

That’s a thing I offer massive value to the world with.

And something many people desperately need & want whether they realize it or not.


So why am I telling you this?

So that you are more clear on how I can help you right now.

So how do I do that?

How do I help you Make Today Amazing?

1 – I wrote a book – “The Positive Thinking Secret” that is changing the way people think and changing their lives. A reader just the other day wrote:

While I was reading your book, I found out about myself. I discovered (the hard way) that the reason why I felt like things kept falling apart was because of my own thoughts; that I was doing it to myself. It was a hard fact to face because for years I was quick to point the finger.

Now that I’ve read your book, I discovered that I was holding myself back from happiness and that I kept searching for the purpose or person to blame.

2 – I created a Truly Amazing Life habit training monthly system. Its called 5 Minute Mental Mastery, which is dedicated to helping people build the habits of a truly amazing life.

Starting with the habit of believing that this is a truly amazing life and everything is conspiring for your benefit.

I’m going to enhance this product, add A LOT to it, and improve on the first module to make it even better for you.

But already the first ‘rough draft’ version is helping people get the positive thinking habit.

Here’s just a sample of what they say so far:

I am loving this!!! …thank you so much! — Blessings, Karen

or this:

I am enjoying my daily lessons tremendously. Thank you so much, they are inspiring and I feel are providing a foundation of personal development in a nice easy format. – Henri

There’s a bunch more, but you get the gist.

3 – I host a weekly podcast where I interview inspiring people who have the habit of positive thinking and these interviews inspire others and help them establish new habits of thought.

One listener just replied saying:

Beautiful! I’m not sure what else to say. I felt so uplifted and encouraged listening to this interview. — Ashley

4 – I share the Truly Amazing Life poster which is my personal foundation for living a truly amazing life. (For free download here and available for physical purchase here)

It is my framework for living and the framework I teach to others who want to live a truly amazing life, be deeply fulfilled, and live in joy.

5 – I write the ‘Truly Amazing Daily’ – a letter or note from my heart most weekdays with the sole intent of helping you more firmly establish the habit of positive thinking, so you can live the truly amazing life that is yours by birthright.


Those are 5 things I’m doing now.

There will be much, much more.


For me, learning to make each day amazing has been a lifelong process of changing what is normal for me.  And it’s an ongoing process of learning and growth throughout life.

It used to be normal to get discouraged easily, or to get hung up on problems and dwell on the negative side of things.

But after years of practice it has become normal for me to automatically look at the good in everything.

Challenging obstacles and supposed setbacks and tragedies hardly phase me anymore because I have so deeply engrained the habit of positive thinking into my being.

Now everything looks like opportunity to me.

But it wasn’t always like that.

And I know for a fact (because I hear it every day) that it’s hard for so many to stave off negativity a lot of the time.

And quite frankly, I also find it hard too some days.  The reality is, negativity never goes away, and the more you try to do big things in the world, the more negativity you will have to confront.

Even though I have a strong habit of thinking positively, sometimes because my goals and aspirations are so large, the negativity and self-doubt can be super intense.

And I would be crushed under it, and totally discouraged from even writing this or attempting to help people in a big way if I hadn’t established firmly the habits of a Truly Amazing Life to be able to blast through all the negative intensity that rushes forth from seemingly every angle the minute any highly beneficial ideas and plans are birthed in the mind.


I see the negative thoughts bombarding everyone around me too.

The number one challenge I hear from you readers is feeling lack of self-confidence and belief in yourself.

So clearly the negativity is a heavy weight…because the truth is you are all so much more amazing than you can possibly imagine.

And it pains me to see people suffering the self-doubt.

And so I have to do what I can to help.

So that’s what I do.

And that’s what I’ll keep doing.


Please keep up the great feedback! I really appreciate it! It helps me help you a lot.

So reply and let me know, is it helping? How so? What would help you more?

Thank for the feedback on 5MMM, the podcast, the book, and the TAdaily.

I am so grateful you are in my life. I’m so grateful you allow me the opportunity to serve you.


I’ll leave you with this:

What do you do? And why?


It’s a good question to ask yourself.

\Write about it. Get to know yourself better. Check in with yourself.

I think you’ll appreciate hearing from you.


Make today amazing!


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