Transformation and a delicious breath

Here’s a short piece on transformation…from my notebook:

I was feeling a bit stumped just now.

Noticed myself scanning for what to do next – to get out of stump mode.

Not clear on my next step.

So I naturally scan my environment.

  • Go eat?
  • Check email?
  • Work on some task that seems important but not sure it’s my highest priority?

Argh. Decisions.


I don’t want to think – I just want to know what to do next.

Thinking is hard.

How can I get out of this hard place?


  • Food.
  • Email.
  • Task of some sort.
  • Make a plan (ugh…that’s hard…requires thinking)

I want something easy.

It’s the afternoon after all.

No as fresh as when I woke up.


Oh yeah…write!!

A vivid picture of myself leaned back in my chair with feet up & writing pops in my mind.

Mmmmm….that looks good.

  • Easy.
  • Feels good.
  • Always a productive use of time
  • I love doing it.

Turn my soft lamp on.

Kick back in my chair.

Feet up.

Close my eyes…breathe deeply.

Ahhhhhhh….tingly sensation throughout my whole body.

A delicious breath!





Now open my notebook.

A fresh page. A clean slate.

Freedom to blurt whatever I so choose.

This feels good.

Infinitely better than the alternatives, which I know would feel numbing and not energizing.

Ahhhhh….I’m ready again.

I want to think now.

I’m back.

I’m re-charged.

I’m empowered.

This will make more sense to you next week…but this is a preview.

I discovered a more empowering way to deal with unclarity and overwhelm.

It’s been SUPER helpful.

It came from Nick Breau, the breakthrough dude I introduced you to this week.


I’ve been aware for some time of emotional eating and other distraction habits and patterns I had that usually showed up with overwhelm and unclarity.

I had tried different ways of changing them.

Attempted replacing them with better habits.

Sometimes with success.

Often not.


Then Nick helped me build a new image of my desired state in my mind (the image in the story above)

The result?

Now when I get stuck or overwhelmed, I’ve been able to move to healthier ways a of dealing with it, which get me unstuck faster and make me feel good in the process.

Pretty cool stuff!

Look for the upcoming call from Nick – (we recorded it back in December) where he worked this shift for me.

My emotional eating issue has been mostly kicked to the curb ever since.  Wouldn’t say it’s completely disappeared, but huge improvement for sure.

I tend to feel like writing now, instead of eating when I get overwhelmed.


This is stuff that can help you in many different ways.


After the upcoming ‘breakthrough process’ call with Nick where you’ll see how he did this work with me, I’ll be announcing another call we’re going to do soon where Nick will help everyone with an emotional eating challenge get unstuck…

Stay tuned!




P.S. – For any of you dealing with this common issue, I’m really looking forward to the feedback and discussion on how this helps…it has been super helpful for me.

P.P.S – And this isn’t the only common issue Nick can help us with going forward.

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