To feel loved, first give love

The TAL website was hacked last week.

I’m sorry if you were among the few who had the unfortunate experience of visiting our website and being redirected to a porn site. I was deeply disturbed when I heard reports of that happening.

We immediately took down the website and are in the process of re-launching it with a more secure host.

Just wanted you to know what happened, so you know why you’ve heard a bit less from me this week and why the site is down.


On a happier note, I want to address this email I got a while back from TAL Family member June:

“My number one challenge is probably feeling that I don’t fit in.

My social anxiety keeps me from really participating in a lot of things. So the thing that inspires me and that I want more of is acceptance. To be loved and cherished!”

I appreciate that challenge, and I know June is not the only one dealing with that.

One thing I’ve noticed is once I learned to give love and acceptance to myself, it started pouring in from others also.

To feel loved, first give love.

It’s a paradox, but that’s how life works.

And the most important person to love is yourself.

Because as long as you don’t truly and deeply love yourself, you will be limiting your ability to give and receive love from others.

Once you learn to love, cherish, and accept yourself fully and completely you will be amazed what happens in your life.


For me that starts with looking in the mirror and telling myself ‘I love you’ multiple times daily. Then writing to myself, and describing in detail what I love about myself.

If you aren’t doing those two things already, you should start now.


I’m creating the next 5 Minute Mental Mastery module on this very topic right now actually. I’m excited to release it to all TAL mastermind members next month sometime.

It’s a 28 day habit training course on the habit of reflecting daily, so that you remember who you are, and find deep love within.

This leads to amazing things in life.

Until you love yourself deeply you won’t be able to fully love others. And until you fully love others, you will always lack the feeling of love from others.

It starts and ends with you.


You don’t need to wait for anything to start loving yourself though! Start today…right now.

Make today amazing!


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