TIATAL Podcast coming soon…

TIATAL Podcast

Hey!  I’m starting a podcast called…

This Is A Truly Amazing Life:  Inspiring people – amazing insights.

The TIATAL Podcast will be a series of 20-30 ish minute interviews showcasing people who live a Truly Amazing Life.

They will be sharing their transformational stories and key insights that enabled them to start living a life full of passion, love, fulfillment, and joy.


I already have up some great interviews lined up that I think you will enjoy and I am looking for more.


Who do you know with an inspiring story that needs to be shared?

email me at aaron @ TrulyAmazingLife.com if you know someone I should interview on the show:

Or reach out to me on twitter @aaronkennard

Here is specifically who I’m looking to interview:

People who:

A)     View their life as a truly amazing gift

B)      Live in a state of peace despite all circumstances

C)      Have demonstrated finding joy in even in the face of overwhelming challenges.

D)     Have inspiring stories related to attitude, adversity, epiphanies, insights, living fully, success despite overwhelming odds in personal life or business, giving in amazing ways, epiphanies and other deep insights into life.

E)      Are living in an inspiring way that many people would benefit from hearing about.


Let me know who you know that fits that description generally.


And jump on the email list to stay tuned on the podcast launch date!!

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