Those words have not been said to me in a long time

“Those words have not been said to me in a long time”


I love you.

It’s true…I do.

And I appreciate being a part of your life, and that you are a part of mine. I get such huge value from the opportunity to serve you each day.

Thank you for allowing me that opportunity.

Seriously…I mean it.


And you know…we all have the need sometimes to just hear ‘I love you’ from someone who we feel is sincere.

It can make such a difference.

Read this touching note I got from Pauline the other day, and then ponder on how you can bless someone’s life today through a simple act of caring sincerely and expressing it:

“One part I really liked in your book was toward the end when you wrote ‘I love you and care about you.’

Those words have not been said to me in a long time.

Seems that the people around me take for granted that I should know this anyways. As you can see much work needs done in my situation and I will follow your coming e-mails.

Thank you Aaron and I love you too.

I definitely felt that sincere love for any future readers of my book as I wrote that. That’s why I wrote it. And I’m so glad that is felt by some who read. It’s amazing to me how words on a page can be received with such impact and sincerity.

It’s a beautiful thing.


Who do you know that could really benefit from the words ‘I love you’ today?


Maybe it’s you? (actually there’s no maybe there)

You can tell yourself you know! I Highly recommend it!

We definitely need to hear it from ourselves.

But how often do we stop to tell that to ourselves?

And when we do, do we really believe it?

If not, keep working on it, keep telling yourself, keep looking yourself in the eyes and saying it until you are completely believing it!

Feeling loved is life-changing, and you can do something about it!


Feeling loved is so crucial to living a Truly Amazing Life.

Ironically ‘giving’ love is the one sure-fire way to ‘feeling loved’ yourself.

And you can give love to others, as well as yourself.

Both are valid.

Both are invaluable.


Who do you love today?

go tell them!

(and don’t leave yourself out 😉



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