This Janitor Lives A Truly Amazing Life

We pull up to the ferry dock and watch as they allow the last car on the 2:00pm ferry…

…missed it by 5 minutes.

I wonder to Nan and the kids…about how it is possibly beneficial that we ‘missed the boat’ and now have an extra 3 hours to wait!

We’re totally stumped for a good answer.

We want to be on that boat!

But that’s how it almost always works.

I still have no doubt that everything is conspiring for our benefit even though I can’t possibly see how that’s true right in this moment of the challenge or setback.

So, as per the best practice, I say ‘Thank you for where we are’ in my heart and we choose to make the best of it, play some card games and get some food.

The strong desire to be on that boat slowly fades and we enjoy a relaxed afternoon eating and playing.


4 hours later…

A janitor on the ferry starts performing miracle dance moves with his broom as he sweeps!


And I become mesmerized by the man.

Suddenly it becomes very apparent why it was so much better we missed the earlier ferry!

And then my previous ‘thank you for letting us miss the boat’ thought, which had zero knowledge behind it and 100% faith, suddenly comes rushing back with full depth of feeling.

And it feels awesome.

Watch this 1 minute video and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Witnessing this joy-filled janitor filled me with joy and resolve.

He brought a huge smile to the face of every single passenger on the ferry that night.

And he made a permanent impression on my soul – showing me in a deeply simple way how any of us at any time or in any circumstance can choose to live a truly amazing life.

Just watch how he does his job and ask yourself…what can I learn from him about how to love my life?


This Janitor clearly loved his life and his love infectiously spread to every one around him.

His only duty was to sweep and change the trash.

But he was clearly not content with just ‘doing his duty’.

Just watch the art form he makes of changing trash bags!

This man was interested in fully living and loving his life.

He had zero shame of letting his joy be shown.


We can all learn a lot from this man.


And this is just one more example of how much more fun life is when you choose to believe that everything is conspiring for your benefit…we actually really enjoyed our time waiting rather than getting caught up in the natural negativity of our well-laid plans being frustrated.


Make Today Amazing!


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