There’s A Pill For That

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 But as I lay there, not falling asleep, slowly the tight, burning in my butt returned.

“What??  No!!!  I thought we were past this??”

Soon it was a full-fledged burn out and by early morning complete discomfort again.

“What kind of cruel joke is this?  Just as I was getting my hopes up they are dashed to pieces on the ground!” I thought in total disbelief of this immediate turn for the worse.

And just like that improvement stopped dead in its tracks.  I returned to the tub for comfort as a super painful morning ensued.  A few hours later the burning died down, but I felt plugged up inside.

In the afternoon, after about eight hours without a bowel movement, I sensed something was terribly wrong.  They normally came every 3 hours tops.  At about 2:30, suddenly the dam broke with no warning and a major blowout of toxic diarrhea exploded out both sides of my diaper and covered a huge portion of my bed in a matter of seconds.

WHOA!!!  That was relieving, but what a nasty mess!  I was close to puking as I hauled the soiled sheets to the bathtub and washing machine, and I couldn’t bear to allow Nan anywhere near the project.

No longer plugged up, that night I rushed to the bathroom every 2 hours as my entire system voided itself of all liquids.  Thankfully it wasn’t painful this time!  But by 6 AM I was spent.  With my last remaining ounce of energy I stood myself up from the toilet and felt like I would pass out.  I managed to make it into my bedroom where Nan was stirring, and I crashed on the bed in total exhaustion.  Completely dehydrated after the all night liquid expulsion, my stomach now started cramping up.  The pain had now moved from burning sphincter sessions, to stomach cramps and entire body fatigue.

I could barely talk and I definitely couldn’t move anywhere.  Even lying on the bed I thought I might pass out, which highly concerned us both.  I tried to drink some herbal tea with honey to get some calorie and fluid in.  I managed to drink half of a water bottle in a couple hours.  That gave me back some coherence and ability to speak.  But still frightfully dehydrated, and now nauseous, and cramping, I tried some chicken soup, and couldn’t force it in.  By 9 AM I frantically begged Nan to take me to the hospital to get an IV of liquid into my system.  Severe dehydration threatened to shut my body down soon.

Nan helped me out to the car, very slowly, bracing me the entire way.  When we got to the urgent care, I managed to walk myself inside while Nan parked.  And bracing myself on the counter so I wouldn’t fall over, I checked myself in and they got me on the waiting list.   I slumped to the ground in the waiting area to lie down.  15 minutes later, the nurse helped me walk back to a room, and with one look at me, the Doctor said I was beyond their ability to help and I needed to be in the Emergency Room.  So we laboriously made the trek back out to the car and over to the Boulder Community Hospital ER.  Moving anywhere was a nightmare and I might pass out and crash to the ground at any moment.

At the ER, I hunched over the counter to check myself in.  I could barely get my name out and I must have looked like death himself hobbling in there.  Yet to the receptionist this must have been just business as usual.  “Oh hey death, come on in.  Just sign here and here and we’ll be with you in a couple hours.”  She might as well have said with her nonchalant demeanor.  She casually entered my information in no rush whatsoever.  Eventually finishing her silent typing and with no indication of sympathy or urgency she motioned me down the hall.

“What kind of EMERGENCY room is this??”  I thought.  “I’m dying here!”

When she introduced me to a nurse I asked if they had somewhere I could lie down.  Finally the nurse kicked people into overdrive and they wheeled in a hospital bed for me on the spot.  Thank you!

pills-3734b1I spent the next three hours in the ER getting filled up with two liters of IV liquid and pumped full of some kind of powerful pain killer.  It knocked me out for a solid 90 minutes and WOW, what a relief! When I came back to the land of the living, Nan and the doctor and I discussed our options:  more drugs.  Oh wait, I guess I should have said ‘option’ singular.  They had consulted with my GI Doc and concurred that I should increase my dose of Steroids, and start another drug Mesalamine to combat the gut inflammation.  That afternoon I walked out of the ER feeling half way decent thanks to the re-hydration, pain drugs, and a nice nap.  But how frustrating to hear that the only solution was more drugs!  I was beginning to see that when it comes to ‘western medicine’, there’s a pill for everything, but nothing has a cure.

Someone has done an excellent job it seems…of changing much of the medical community’s perspective from one of preventing disease through health and proper nutrition, to treating disease with synthetic drugs.  There’s something wrong with that picture.  But in my state I could not question.  I needed anything that could stop the destruction.


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At 2 PM on October 3rd I weighed 161.4 pounds.  By 9 PM I only weighed 158.4.  Highly disconcerting.  We’re supposed to weigh more at night not less!

I kept hoping this latest attempt at a solution would work.  This time the increased steroids and the new drug should definitely be the ticket!  This had to work.   In combination with the new diet, certainly I’m going to start pulling out of this!

And I did feel a bit better for a few days.  But yet my weight kept dropping.  By the morning of October 7, I was down to 156.2 pounds.   And two days later I was down to 153.8 as recorded in my ‘food/feeling/feces’ journal as it had come to be titled.  I had begun meticulously tracking every single piece of food I put into my mouth and at what specific time.  I would also record every single bowel movement with all the gory details and the time they occurred.  And I would record how I was feeling and any general thoughts throughout the day as well.  Intensely interested discovering what helped and what hurt me, this had become my new major purpose in life.  It demanded all of my attention and I was determined to fix this problem.  There had to be something I could do!  16 pills per day and just waiting and hoping did not do it for me.  So religiously I wrote everything down to analyze patterns, causes and effects.

But despite my efforts to eat everything I could (within the guidelines of a new diet), my weight kept falling fast.  25 pounds in a month!  On September 1st I weighed 178 pounds.  This was not a trend I could afford to continue.  But what more can I do?  I felt like I was improving a bit, so surely it will turn around soon.

But I could never find reliable patterns despite all my tracking attempts.  Just when I thought I saw improvement I would start feeling horrible for no apparent cause.  I was so meticulous about the food I would eat it was driving us all insane.  For all the food Nan prepared I grilled her about its contents and sometimes discovered she had added an ‘illegal food’ unwittingly.  “Sorry, I can’t eat that.”  I felt horrible for the burden I loaded on my patient and loving wife.  But I was testing a new very rigid diet that specified what I could and could not eat in no uncertain terms.  So to deviate from it at all, in my mind, would nullify the results of the test.

Nan kept telling me that stressing too much about the food I ate could itself be exacerbating my problems.  I sensed she was right, but I didn’t know how to back off, I needed a solution!  So daily I sent Nan off to the grocery store for some new food item from the ‘legal’ list to try out, which amplified a stressful situation.

You can imagine how much this drained Nan, especially when added to the constant needs of our now two month old daughter, and our other three kids.  Already beyond maxing out her capabilities, the kids grew whinier and needier daily as they received little attention from either of us.



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