The wonderful guide named fear

This is why I’m here.

This is why I write.

This is why I put myself out there day after day even though its always uncomfortable.

Because someone, somewhere, somehow is blessed, and happier as a result.

I can’t say I fully understand it.

But my heart tells me we all just need each other to be truthful, open and raw.

The real us.

No pretense or mask.

And somehow when we do that magic will happen.

I think its because truth, transparency and vulnerability allow us the full connection to our source, the spiritual energy that connects us all, rather than jamming that connection trying to hide from reality, pretending to be something we’re not to try to please someone else, all at the expense of peace within.


It gets a little easier each day though, because each act in the face of fear diminishes the power of fear’s illusion.


This beautiful experience teaches us a powerful lesson and is an example of why I’m here.

And why I can’t not do the work of putting myself out there daily in the face of all the fears and negativity.

(Fear never goes away by the way…and thankfully not, because fear is an amazing compass, guiding us and showing us the path. Without fear we’d be lost, wasting away in our comfort zones)



Thank you for having the suggestion to ask the question why? when feeling bad. Here is why :-):

This morning as I was sitting in meditation I was having a terrible feeling of guilt and shame. I always feel like that when something happens with the boys and we get into a tiff or a strained interaction.

Although I had apologized to my little one for my not so nice behavior, 12 hours later I still felt terrible.

I asked myself why? Because I felt I should be punished for my behavior.

Again I asked why? Because I was punished for my behavior as a kid, sometimes for a couple of days after an incident and I should be punished now.

And then a light bulb went off. I was reliving this pattern (that has been going on for 30 years). I have a much easier time forgiving other people but not myself. Once I found out the why behind the why, I felt much better. I made a promise to do my best with my children, apologize immediately when I am wrong and forgive myself much sooner.

A Course in Miracles says that “justice is a solution where no one loses”, and yet I kept punishing myself.

I looked into my little one’s eyes later that evening and he was back to his happy self, living in the moment, having moved on from the incident, whereas I had chosen to live in the Hell of my own thoughts.

Incidentally, the exercise from the Course this morning has simply stated: “Heaven is the decision I must make.”

After last night, doing the why? work and reading that affirmation, it became so clear to me how everything is conspiring for my benefit.

It was soooo freeing to identify that pattern of punishment in my life and I felt so relieved and good afterwards.

So I just wanted to say thanks and give a little feedback. I look forward every day to your e-mails. Thanks for the work you do.


(The ‘why’ suggestion and emails she’s referring to are in my 30 day 5 Minute Mental Mastery program)


See…how could I not do this work?

When you find out why you’re here nothing can stop you from doing it (though all hell may break loose attempting to…ask me how I know;)


Why are you here?

Maybe you’re clear on that…great!

Maybe not…totally fine too, it will all be clear in due time.

No need to stress out about it.


Because either way, what matters right now is…what fear are you acting in spite of?

Or paralyzed by but now are realizing it’s the one thing you must do?

Whether or not you know why you’re here…acting in the face of your fears is always the next step.

And when you discover your why, don’t be surprised if it scares you like crazy!


Action in the face of your fears is what matters.

You can do it…and yes it will be hard…but you can do hard things.

And it will invigorate you with life.


Here’s to Acting despite fear!

Which is key to our freedom, peace and life!



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