The way to turn pain from tormenter to teacher

I listened to an interview of Perry Marshall by my friend Dane Maxwell that touched a chord with me.

Perry said he has heard this type of story at least a hundred times from people:

“Business is going great, then there were problems in the financial market, then all sorts of personal problems, then a divorce, then I had to do a lot of soul searching and I learned a lot. Now business is going great again, I’m happy, and back in a great relationship.”

Then he made the comment, that it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can open your eyes and learn lessons before everything crumbles.

There is no mystical requirement that you must go all the way to the bottom of the pit of pain and despair.

He then said this which really resonated with me:

“Pain is a really effective teacher if you turn to the mirror instead of medication.”

You can learn from little pains if you will open your eyes and live your life in a state of awareness instead of numbing yourself to them.

I guess it was timed well for me because I’m right in the middle of publishing a book on that exact topic…turning to the mirror as a matter of habit each day.

It’s an incredibly powerful and life-changing practice.

I’m looking forward to sharing it with you soon…it’s book 2 in The 12 Secrets to a Truly Amazing Life series titled Remember Who You Are.

I hope to have it ready for you within the next month. Can’t commit to an exact date yet because I’m in the middle of moving my family in a couple weeks from Boulder Colorado to the Salt Lake City Utah area.

But stay tuned! It will be ready soon.

And meanwhile, think about Perry’s statement the next time you are about to turn to any of your self-soothing or ‘numbing’ habits. Medication is just one way we numb…other common ways are food, digital distractions (TV, facebook, email, video games, etc.), alcohol).

All of these have been known to take the form of medicating our internal pain in order to mask it.

I invite you to just pause next time you notice you are ‘medicating’ in any way. (An easy way to tell is if you find yourself doing that thing in order to procrastinate or avoid doing the thing you know you should be doing…you’re running away from pain.)

When you notice that, just try this once: Instead of medicating, go stand in front of a mirror and strike up a conversation with yourself.

I think you’ll be pleased and surprised at what you can learn and how that changes your direction.

One of my other mirrors is my journal – for me it is often even more effective to talk with myself there.

When we do that as a matter of habit, instead of masking our pain, leaving it unresolved, we change our course in life before the pain gathers momentum and snowballs into huge problems.


“Pain is a really effective teacher if you turn to the mirror instead of medication.”

Make today amazing!

~ Aaron

P.S. – That’s not an attempt to say all medicating is bad…there’s certainly a time and a place for medication. But the principal is a very good one.


Aaron Kennard

Chief Life Lover


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