The ultimate peace. Have you felt this yet today?

This is what I heard from God yesterday – what my heart felt in any case when I asked the question: “What would you have me know or do today?”

I’m quite convinced this same unconditional love is being poured down on you too…have you heard or felt this lately?


“I love you.

You are mine. You are special in my eyes.

Not because you are better or more special than any of your brothers and sisters.

But because I created you. You are unique. And you are my child.

I love you more than you can yet know but you do have a sense.My heart is with you and breathes and lives in you.

I see you fully, completely.

Be at peace. Let go of the end and walk with me this day – one step at a time.

And enjoy yourself!”


I hope you feel how much you are loved…regardless of whatever or wherever you believe you came from…

…Because that feeling sustains in times of chaos and fulfills when times are calm.

It is ultimate peace.

Remember who you are.

Check in with yourself when you forget – look in the mirror.

Write down what’s going on inside if you feel ‘off’ or ‘unsettled’.

Make Today Amazing!



  1. Thank you for sharing this. I truly felt it in me and it explains a lot to me that I am never alone. Thank you for all this.

    • Aaron Kennard Reply

      Glad to hear it helps. Thanks for reading.

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