The emotional scale and faith

The emotional scale and faith

Reader Mike asks:

“How do you keep your faith? When it seems that at times I’m good and others it just comes back stronger and makes my day bad, and when its good I feel great!”

This couldn’t have been better timed.

The very next day after getting this I was ‘blessed’ (no, it didn’t feel like a blessing in the moment, felt horrible) with a chance to experience the feeling I’m hearing from you Mike.

What happened?

Not sure really.


I just felt knocked over.


Sat down to work and it was like slow motion.

Reach for distraction.

Avoid looking at my list for some reason.

Things weren’t lining up. Not feeling good. Couldn’t figure it out. Couldn’t get motivated.

Maybe too many tasks on my list?

Maybe something else?

Not sure…but Mike, this happens to us all at times. As you said, when it’s good, it’s great! But sometimes we seem to get blindsided by something, some energy, some event…in my case I couldn’t tell what it was…just felt like some energy sucking force of negativity that sapped me of my resources.


How do you keep the faith when stuff like that happens?

I don’t know Mike.

I wish I had an awesome silver bullet answer for you (and for me).

But I don’t believe that is a simple question.


In fact, the question of faith:

  • keeping it
  • growing it
  • nurturing it
  • etc…

Is one of the most fundamental questions we would benefit from focusing on and learning about our entire lives.

Such a deep and important topic.

That’s why I applaud you for asking that!


And I think my best recommendation is to highlight that question! Frame it in your mind! Keep it in front of you and constantly seek to understand faith more each day throughout life.


Become fascinated with the depth of that topic.


As far as tactics and strategies, here’s what I did this time:

  • Forced action even though I felt off.
  • Went for a run even though I did not want to.
  • listened to an uplifting book, even though I felt more like wallowing in my self-pity of feeling down.
  • did pushups and pull-ups even though I felt lethargic.


And did it magically make me feel amazing?


But it did make me feel better.

A little better with each action I took.

And each step, each action, moved me up the emotional scale farther from Despair/low energy side and closer to the ‘at peace/joy/FAITH’ side of the scale.


Simply taking any small positive action is often the best remedy for getting back to faithful thoughts.

Thoughts influence actions.

But actions also influence thoughts.

And our emotions are all driven by our thoughts.

Taking small positive action improves our thoughts and thus feelings.


Speaking of the emotional scale…if you haven’t read “Ask and it is given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks, I highly recommend it.

That’s where I first learned about the emotional scale.

Very important knowledge.



Until then, Make Today Amazing!

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