The challenge of actually doing what we know to do

I’m grateful for the outpouring of gratitude from so many of you from this email I sent last week.

It was really touching.

Thank you for being in my life, for caring, and for allowing me the opportunity to serve you. It means so much to me.

Today I want to share something that has been on my mind and heart for over 4 years now, a deep longing which is now very close to coming to fruition…

…And I’m super excited to finally be able to share some progress on it with you.

One of my main purposes in life is to be an agent for change – someone who helps others experience their life as truly amazing. Someone who helps others experience true joy in life consistently.

So it brings me significant joy to be a part of many of your lives and hear your stories of growth and change as you discover a Truly Amazing Life for yourself.

But on and off over the past 4 years I have faced varying degrees of the challenge of actually living how want to live.

And I’ve heard the same sentiment from many others.

Jamie M. summed it up really well in this response to me last week:


“I’m struggling to find purpose & recapture the ambition that I once had. Those last few words that you wrote about struggling to find joy and knowing what I need to do but consistently NOT DOING IT!

That’s exactly where I am and where I have been for some time now (several years).

I feel like I’ve heard all the catchy sayings and know all the ways to move forward and think positively and all that but I don’t/can’t put any of it to use.

Do you have any suggestions???”


Do you ever feel that way?

I had been thinking almost that exact same thing a few months ago personally.

Have you ever felt annoyed when you saw positive slogan images on facebook, or heard some message of positivity from someone (in all likelihood me;)) when you were feeling down or discouraged?

I admit I have.

When I feel down, and I feel incapable of changing, and I know with crystal clarity what to do but I just don’t seem to have the motivation to do it…

…Positivity in pretty much any form can easily start to feel annoying, and I tend to push it away.

My guess is that we can all relate to what Jamie was feeling…maybe more than we wish.

I know I certainly can.

It’s the primary challenge I have faced since embarking on the Truly Amazing Life mission.

I found out it was much easier to be inspired myself and inspire others to make a change in life the first time.

But when it comes down to making what seems like the same change again, and again, when we inevitably fall back into old, negative thought patterns…

…That’s where the real challenge lies.

We can feel demoralized by the pattern and just feel like giving up.

This has been the major problem I have longed for a solution for myself, and to be able to help others.

How can we consistently live the principles we know?

Personally, I have found that I need accountability to someone outside of myself to stay on track.

I know what to do to live a truly amazing life. There are posters with the principles on my walls all around me. The principles and actions are crystal clear!

And whenever I live those principles, without fail my life experience is truly amazing.

But knowing and doing are two entirely different things.

And between the two, knowing is magnitudes easier and also the much less important.

Doing what we know consistently — that is the real challenge of life.

Having rituals and habits makes it easier to do what we know.

That’s why I created this checklist system of Truly Amazing Life Habits that I teach and freely share with you all.

It’s been so valuable for me. When I do it, it literally has never once failed to bring me back into a state of joy.

But the problem is, sometimes an invisible force of resistance seems to drag me away from doing those things I know are best for me.

Well, I’m now fully convinced I’m on to something to combat that resistance that is going to be life-changing…for everyone who uses it…including me.

Here’s the story…

At the end of March (when I finally started to pull my head out of the clouds of powder skiing), in a random conversation one day, a good friend of mine Joel mentioned an app for coaches that he was dreaming of creating.

It turned out we had almost identical dreams of creating an app that combines focused action along with small group support & accountability in a way that would help solve the major challenge we face of staying on track with our goals and objectives in life.

When we realized that he asked if I wanted to partner on creating it, and immediately I said, “sure!”

And just like that a new business was born that I believe is going to increase my effectiveness at helping us all live a Truly Amazing Life by 10 or maybe even 100 times.

Here’s why I’m so excited about the prospects of it:

Since that day in March Joel and I have been working together diligently each week designing, and testing, and brainstorming, and doing user tests with people.

In May, six of you TAL family members joined us to test the small-group accountability concept.

It was a crude test just using a shared google spreadsheet to check in with each other each day.

But the result was amazing for me personally!

I went from feeling like I might be going insane because I was struggling so much to be accountable to myself despite everything I know…

…To immediately feeling back in control of my life and back to feeling like life was truly amazing.

For the next 30+ days I never once missed doing my daily rituals and I achieved my goals 100% for the month.

This after 5 months of consistently struggling to do them, feeling a lot of resistance, and defaulting to wasting my time on distractions.

I felt like I was finally back to myself. It was incredibly liberating.

And all because of one simple commitment to check in with a small group of people each day.

Others experienced similar results. The test was a huge success in proving the concept.

The reality is, most of us know what to do, but sometimes we just struggle to do it — for lots of different reasons.

What I’m excited about is that now Joel and I are getting super close to having a mobile app created that can mimic and greatly enhance upon the success principles that are the foundation of why addiction recovery and other in-person support groups work so well…

…The principles human connection, human accountability, and human caring.

A combination of those factors is what immediately helped me get back on track in my life in May.

A combination of those factors is what saves thousands of people’s lives through AA and other addiction recovery groups each year.

And so combining those human factors of love, accountability, and caring into an app that allows us to connect in small groups (4-8 people ideally) has become my passion and obsession the last few months.

And we’re getting closer each day.

We’re still probably a couple months away from a usable app realistically, but it’s coming.

And I’m really confident it’s going to work wonders.

If a clunky google spreadsheet that simply connects a small group of people who care together can have such a major impact…

…Then a beautiful, easy-and-fun-to-use mobile app, which does that one thing and so much more, is bound to produce awesome results.

One major reason we struggle sometimes to do what we know is because we are alone in our goals…flying solo.

When we surround ourselves with other people who care, everything changes.

But how do we do that in this busy, world-wide-connected yet highly disconnected age?

And how do we create meaningful connection with people who are also working toward similar goals and who understand us?

I’m excited to show you what I think is going to be a powerful solution.

And I want to invite some of you to join me in the first group of users of the app.

Do you feel like having a small group of caring people to be accountable to could help you get back, or stay on track in your life?

If so, I want to show you a demo of the app next week and invite some of you to be included in the first group of users.

I will be hosting a live video conference meeting next Wednesday August 31, at 12:00 PM MDT at this link:

Come join me to learn more and see the app!

My meeting room is limited to the first 50 people who show up, so I recommend showing up a bit early if you want to make sure you get on.

(If you click that link now, I won’t be there…make sure to save that link in your calendar for next week if you want to join)

Here’s a link to add the event directly to a Google calendar:

Google calendar event link.

I look forward to seeing some of you on the video call next week!

I’m excited to hear your feedback and more excited to get this app launched for you all in the near future hopefully.

Make today amazing!


P.S. Here’s the meeting info one more time:

On Wed, 8/31 at 12:00 PM MDT, click here to join me at that time and I’ll show you the powerful accountability app we’re creating

The meeting link:

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