The affirmations give me strength

Says Carly of her current enjoyment of the 5 Minute Mental Mastery system.

Thanks for sharing Carley!

But she brings up a valid concern…listen in…

I love the system, the affirmations give me strength especially if I felt confused about a situation or had a hint of doubt try to creep in…I would repeat the affirmations out aloud and everything would suddenly be clear and make sense, thank you!

I started off very well and was consistent in repeating the affirmations, however when it came to writing them down and adding more affirmations to my list I would forget to rewrite them.

Therefore, this week I will be more diligent in writing and saying my additional affirmation by setting alarms on my phone to go off throughout the rest of the days.

Is there any advice you could give me to help improve?

Have a fantastic day.

I love it when you all ask for help!

It shows that you are ready to grow, and that excites me for you.

So my quick response?


First, awesome, so glad it’s helping!


2nd – Just keep doing your best.

Be kind to yourself if you forget, and love yourself enough to jump back into the routines.

And when the month is up, don’t stop.

The point is to help you establish a life-long daily practice of affirming live-giving truths to yourself.

I personally do it every day.

I love it.

It is an essential part of my life and keeps me grounded.


And my final suggestion Carly and everyone else…

…comes with the letter of the day as we push ahead in the A2Z of a TAL…

C – Celebrate

Living a Truly Amazing Life is simply a matter of decision. You can choose to celebrate life or curse it.

Is anyone else choosing that for you? Can they?

No. Your response to life is solely Your Responsibility.

Only you decide whether you celebrate life…or hate it. Or simply survive it. Or let it pass by unaware in your zombie-like daze.

You can choose to live a mediocre, bland, or miserable existence. Or you can choose to celebrate each moment of precious life and live in joy.

You are free to choose! So why not choose to Celebrate?!


That’s all!

You are amazing…remember that.


P.s. – 5MMM is available here...and as you know, I am here to support you. There is little I want more than to help you live a TAL.


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