The A to Z of a Truly Amazing Life

I had the pleasure of sharing room last month in the DR with a cool dude name Mike Fisher.

An anger management specialist.

Been doing it for years.

Published numerous books on it.

Constantly doing workshops helping people with it.

He’s an expert at ‘Beating Anger’.


Well, now he’s got a project going called – The A to Z of Emotional Intelligence.

He’s compiling short books of the A to Z of many different emotional intelligence based topics.

And he’s asked me to contribute a short book called…

…The A to Z of a Truly Amazing Life.


Just 2600 words. 100 per letter.

simple enough right?

Well, thanks to you guys…I’m actually going to do it rather than keep putting him off and hoping to get to it like I have been doing;)

It just wasn’t happening…so here’s my public commitment!

Over at MOST the next 30 emails, I’m going to write my thoughts on the topic in 100 words exactly per letter.

Probably just one letter per day.


Phew. There. I said it.

Guess I better do it now 😉

(thanks for holding me accountable;)


So to kick things off here’s the first letter in the short book:


A – Amazing (c’mon, could it really be anything else?)

Life is meant to be amazing.

Not mediocre. Not just good. Not even great. But Amazing!!

Your birthright is a Truly Amazing Life. Nobody can take that away from you. It is within your power to live amazingly despite your circumstances, no matter what, no matter who you are, where you were born, or who you know. Living a Truly Amazing Life has little to do with material possessions and everything to do with your thoughts, choices, and the way you decide to live your life.

To choose to see your life as Truly Amazing is to make it so.


You’d think it would be easy to write 100 words per letter right?

It’s harder than you’d think!

I have to stop spewing forth and actually THINK.

The horror.

But now that I’ve got you holding me accountable I’m bound to make it happen.


On that…what have you been putting off that you really want to do?

What great thing are you procrastinating?

If you really want it done, make a public commitment.

It’s WAY harder to wimp out when everyone is watching 😉


Make today amazing!


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