TAL 47: 4 Key Habits For Massive Success with Bestselling Author Steve Scott


Here’s a powerful discussion on habits with one of the best selling authors in all of Amazon on the topic.

I was really interested to hear what made him tick, why he was so interested in writing about habits, and specifically what habits he most attributes to propelling his success and happiness in life.

What followed was a conversation that one early listener said this about:

“I awoke this morning listening to this with a happy feeling accompanied with hope. Good way to wake up. Thanks! – Nathan”

I like how Steve is so simple and real with his example.

He demonstrates how taking control of the small things in life and just getting into the habit of showing up each day consistently produces huge results in life.

Hope you enjoy the conversation…I’m sure there’s something helpful here for you.

Connect with Steve Here

Steve writes a blog here on developing good habits.

He also has an amazing free daily podcast where he answers questions on self publishing books…extremely helpful and valuable resource if you want to be a writer:

Self Publishing Questions Podcast

Interview Transcript

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