TAL 46: The Power of Living True to the Real You with Jay Forte


One line pretty well sums up the truth that transformed Jay Forte from someone depressed, trudging along, and at the brink of death…

…To a person thriving, thrilled with life, and serving others in a major way.

He came across this thought after years and years of trying unsuccessfully to be the person he thought everyone else wanted him to be:

“Someone greater than you thought you should be you, so you should be you.”

It opened him to peace, happiness, direction and fulfillment.

It opened him up to a Truly Amazing Life.

All because of what??

He remembered who he was.

He stopped trying to be who he was not.

We’re now in the midst of a month of focus on this topic for all TAL Members, sorry if you missed the opportunity this month…

…This call with Jay will really help if you missed out on joining.

“I used to think…

Life is a chore, I can’t wait for it to be over.

I came close to dying. Then I realized.

Hey wait a minute…it is a gift, but you just didn’t see it because you were so focused on what was missing instead of all that you had.”

He goes on to discuss an extremely close brush with death from an attempted suicide – he was in the depths of depression because he had tried so long to be someone he was not…

…And that attempt will only lead anyone to a depressed state.

But his life was spared, and he had this realization:

“By tuning into what was right with me instead of what’s wrong with me, a world that had been obscured before showed up!”

For those of us who have experienced the intense pain of depression – you know well how hard it is to see anything good through the obscuring darkness of depression.

But the good is always there.

Just because the blinds are pulled tight and it’s pitch black inside, doesn’t mean the sun has stopped shining outside.

And when we discover how to open the blinds and let the light back in, everything changes.

…It’s well worth your time to listen.

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