TAL 26: Eliminate your emotional baggage and get out of your own way – Emily Filloramo part 2

Emily Filloramo is a Success & Happiness Catalyst and a Self-esteem & confidence coach. She helps you feel good about yourself and takes from good to great by eliminating your old baggage so you can get out of your own way, be happy, and live to your full potential.

If you missed the first call I did with Emily you should listen to that one first here.

She goes in detail into her story which is highly impactful.


I’m bringing Emily back on the show for round two because the first interview made such a deep impact on some listeners.

So today she share’s some of the experiences she heard about from people and we discuss more in detail how everyone can benefit from her teachings for free just by using the tools she gives in her free eBook on her website here


Here’s a quote from one listener who had a huge transformation from Emily’s first call as she described what it was like for her to personally imagine herself talking to her younger self and her Mother at that time.


“I never realized how unloved I felt as a child. I also felt my Mom’s pain.

I was left with such understanding and compassion for both of us.

I was able to embrace that little girl and put her in my heart where she belongs.”


Emily shared another fascinating example of a person who was ALWAYS procrastinating and couldn’t bring herself to stop.

She discovered through searching her past that she was holding onto a belief that she’s not lovable or worthy.

That lie she was hlding onto was causing her to procrastinate and make others angry, in order to validate and reinforce her deep belief that she’s not lovable.

She did all this subconsciously of course.

But once she uncovered the lie, and exposed it to the light, she could forgive herself, and believe the truth (that she is amazing and completely worthy of love just like all of us are), which then released her subconscious need to procrastinate.

Emily gives you the exact steps on doing this process for yourself for free right on her website.

We would both love to hear about any experiences you have with this!


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And here’s another set of resources Emily wants to share with you:

Free Video Series from Emily!

“How to Permanently Increase Your Happiness and Self-Esteem: A Little-Known Approach That’s Rapid, Powerful and Different”

Part 1 – is on negative and positive core beliefs.

Part 2 – is on how we acquired negative core beliefs (“I’m not good enough, I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy”) in the first place.

Part 3 – is how to discard your negative core beliefs for good. (I read Mea’s transformation letter in this video.)

Part 4- Top 10 Consequences if you don’t address your emotional wounds and Top 15 Benefits if you do heal your emotional wounds.

Connect Directly With Emily

Download her 3 Simple Steps to emotional healing here on her website



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