TAL 19: Breakthrough Specialist Nick Breau Releases Limiting Beliefs

I made a new friend recently whose mission lines up very well with mine.

We both focus on helping you re-program your mind to release limiting beliefs so you are more free to live more joyfully and abundantly.

But we have different strengths and methods of helping you.

So I’m excited to introduce you to Nick Breau today.

His ability to help us release the ‘ball and chain’ holding us back from our potential in different areas is…well…amazing.

I’ve had the privilege of hanging out with him a bunch now, interviewing him, as well as having him help me make personal breakthroughs in specific areas.

So I don’t speak lightly when I say I’m really looking forward to introducing you to him and his expertise.

He’s a very good dude to know for all of us who want to get out of our own way and live to our full, amazing potential.

Listen to our discussion here…I think it will open your mind to new possibilities for changing long-held habits and beliefs that are limiting you.

Show Highlights

2:25 – One major shift.

4:21 – What was it like for you with the self worth issue.

6:41 – How did feeling powerless effect you.

9:33 – Why does a 2 or 3 Year Old wake up super happy.

15:16 – Methods of clearing out negative beliefs.

24:09 – Example of immediate help for someone with severe Agoraphobia.

28:49 – Nick wants to get the message to more people about how to release limiting beliefs

36:03 – Discuss potentially transforming my emotional eating habit.

Get In Touch With Nick

Learn more about Nick and get in touch with him on his website at  TheBreakThroughSpecialist.com

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Interview Transcript

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