Sorry! I’ve been slacking on you

OK, I admit I have been busy…

Publishing a book.

Creating a mental mastery product.

Launching the Truly Amazing Life Podcast.

And taking epic trips with the fam over the summer.

Not to mention checking in with my real estate businesses.

But those are excuses!!

And I’m calling myself out today.

The reality is I was a bit afraid of the time commitment of serving you daily.

And not sure whether I could really come up with something of value that often.


Well it’s high time I forget my fears and focus on my commitment is to serve you.

You’re on my list.

You’re in the Truly Amazing Life Community.

You read my blog….

…and I’ve been letting you down by not serving you more often.

So today I’m making the public commitment to serve you every weekday.

Alright, it’s out there…now there’s no hiding from it.

And it isn’t without some trepidation that I make this commitment.

What you can expect from me (unless you hear otherwise) is this:

Each weekday I’m going share my own personal thoughts on living a truly amazing life and some days I’ll share interviews I am conducting with inspiring people who are passionately living a truly amazing life.

I call it the Truly Amazing Daily and the Truly Amazing Life Podcast.

And you’re on the list.


My passion is to see EVERY DAY and EVERY MOMENT as Truly Amazing.

And to help you do the same.

That’s all.  

That’s the whole deal with the Truly Amazing Daily.


And I’m totally excited to share the first podcast episode launching later this week!

More tomorrow…

Meanwhile…make today Amazing!


PS – Almost forgot…my book “The Positive Thinking Secret” just came out in paperback last week!  You Can Get a Free Kindle Version Of It Here.  Thanks for reading and I would REALLY APPRECIATE an honest review of the book on Amazon.

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