Some Rambles On Food To Wrap Up “There Is No Bad Day”

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Here are some notes for you on some of the things I learned about food as it relates to our physical health.  Every time I share my story most people seem intrigued by what I learned about food, so I’ll share that with you briefly here.

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Doctor Lundell told me on my first visit that ‘sugar is poison’.  This was by far the hardest thing for me to kick.  It took me over a month to work up to being to stopping entirely.  Sugar is in just about everything out there it seems and it is so addicting.  I needed more ammo than just his advice, so he told me to read these books below.  After reading, I’m now convinced and I was finally able to kick the sugar habit for good…I never eat refined sugar anymore.  Until I deeply convinced myself of the truth of it, I struggled.  It is so rampant in our society, and it is viewed as ‘extreme’ to not eat refined sugar compared to the ‘normal’ of what everyone is doing.  But now I’m on board and it feels great.

And my family is on board too.  Every time my kids avoid eating refined sugar they get to add an avocado pit to our ‘party jar’.  We have fun family parties or adventures each time we fill it up together.  We don’t force them not to eat sugar, we leave the choice up to them, but we are not shy about educating them on the effects refined sugar has on our bodies.  And they’re having fun with it.  Just yesterday they were given Jolly Ranchers from their teacher at church, and my 4, 6 and 8 year old kids had a fantastic time smashing them to pulverized bits with a hammer on our driveway.  Also, we have clearly seen improvement in their behavior as we have shifted away from refined sugars.


Sugar Blues – William Dufty

sugar-bluesWritten in the 1970’s, this is nothing new.   But the message is far from sticking in our society.  We love our sugar!  No matter how bad it’s hurting us.  And it’s so easy to justify because ‘everyone is doing it’ and has for centuries.  Just read the book.


Sugar Shock – Connie Bennett and Stephen Sinatra

A great modern companion and enhancement to ‘Sugar Blues’.  Read it.  You can overcome the sugar addiction, and it will enhance your life.  If you don’t think you’re addicted, just try not to eat any sugar in any form for a week then tell me what you think.  You’re addicted.  But you can overcome it.

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Wheat Belly – William Davis

Eye opening information.  I don’t touch wheat anymore in any form.  And not just because of the gluten, though that is a huge problem whether people want to admit it or not.  My Dad stopped eating wheat after reading “Wheat Belly” and lost over 60 pounds in less than 6 months.

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#000000″]Genetically Modified Foods[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

Genetic Roulette – Jeffrey Smith – the movie

Genetic Roulette – the book

At least watch the movie.  There are big potential problems eating genetically modified foods, and you won’t feel it until it’s too late (ask me how I know).  Eat organic, good food.  In my opinion it’s not worth risking your life just apathetically eating anything in the grocery store and assuming it must be fine since they are selling it.  Walking around with blinders on doesn’t change the truth about what’s really happening, though it may do a great job of convincing you it does.

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Many people are allergic to dairy.  For me, this was hard to give up, because I love yogurt and cheese!  But when I found out I am off the charts high for dairy antibodies in my blood, it became easy to never touch it again.  All I can say is be cautious about dairy, and don’t be surprised if you are allergic unknowingly, and you find out later on it is damaging your body.  If I were to eat dairy again, raw, straight from a healthy cow is the only way I would do it.  The pasteurized, processed, nutrient stripped, then artificially pumped back up dairy in the stores today is potentially problematic in my opinion.  And don’t be fooled by the ‘organic’ label.  It’s still pasteurized and full of casein.  Organic or not doesn’t make a difference if your body is creating antibodies to the stuff.


Read this, some great points are made:

Eat To Live – Dr. Joe Fuhrman

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#000000″]Some Healthy Diet Books I Recommend[/headline_tahoma_small_left]

I don’t think there is one book about diet that is going to be absolutely perfect for every person.  Every person has different allergies and has lived under such vastly different conditions.  But these are the books that I know of and have used that teach the closest to the best general principles on eating healthy.  Don’t take this as a full endorsement of every recipe and everything said in each book, because they likely have some contradictions.  But look for commonalities and seek to feel what is true and good for you.  Also, take into account your own personal differences and body’s needs.  You may need some blood anti-body tests done to know specifically which foods your body reacts negatively to.  Everyone is a little different.

The Maker’s Diet – Jordan Rubin

Practical Paleo – Diane Sanfilipo

Well Fed – Melissa Joulwan