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A Proven Path To Amazingness In Your Life
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The 12 Secrets to a Truly Amazing Life - A Brief History
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Day 1 - Connect deeply with the real You - starting today. 
Day 2 - Time to wake up and free yourself from the negative programming of the world.
Day 3 - The fastest pathway out of oppressive misery is directly inward.
Day 4 - We don't accidentally stumble into an amazing life.  We must fully commit to it.
Day 5 - Be a wise master of the mansion of your soul.  Refuse occupancy to the negative.
Day 6 - How to block out the noise and listen to your inner voice.
Day 8 - If you truly loved yourself, how would you act right now?
Day 9 - Practice avoiding comparisons that breed damaging lies.
Day 10 - Return to the deep waters of inner peace and confidence.
Day 11 - Compassion is the goal. It is the doorway to grace.
Day 12 - Discover the power of your eyes.
Day 13 - Yep, it hurts to dig into wounds. Do it anyway!
Day 15 - Some ways to enhance the conversation with your self.
Day 16 - There is a deep well of loving water within you.
Day 17 - All people are truly amazing, but many do not remember that yet.
Day 18 - “Your job is purely to love yourself. Truly and deeply.”
Day 19 - The importance of fierce, focused practice.
Day 20 - Crystal clear thoughts laced with joy.
Day 22 - The truth is you are OK just how you were created.
Day 23 - A powerful story of the slow, painful grind of forgetting who we are
Day 24 - Securing the gold of the spirit.
Day 25 - Cherish each precious quiet moment you have with yourself!
Day 26 - “Our self-image and our habits tend to go together.”
Day 27 - Life is magic when you truly believe in yourself.
Day 29 - Bonus Day! One more thought to wrap up.


So What's Next?
What To Expect Going Forward
In Closing
How You Can Help!


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