Remember to turn on the power today

Here’s a quick illustration of our need to reset, reboot, or restart our life every day.

Yesterday I knocked out 100% of my goals (a first in a while). After declaring the day amazing I was on fire with efficiency, I felt fantastic, full, and in flow. It all came to pass just as I declared, and the feeling was extremely satisfying.

But have you seen the movie Groundhog’s day?

I felt like Bill Murray this morning kind of…re-starting the same day right over again.

Today it’s like nothing that happened yesterday exists anymore. I felt myself naturally just drifting right along with the current again, unlike yesterday.

I wondered ‘where did that flow feeling go?’

I felt myself settling this morning. Wondering, ‘wow…yesterday was so amazing. Why do I not feel the same amped up feeling about today?’

Then I went back to my vision, reviewed my plan, wrote down my intention to live fully today and it filled me with energy and flow again right away.

Felt like I pushed the power button on my system.


Did you reboot today?

Did you declare your intention to live all out?

Or did you allow yourself to just slide into the day not feeling fully connected and engaged?

It’s never to late. It’s still today 😉


Let’s live intentionally. Every single day. By doing the small simple things.

You shut down at night…don’t forget to power back on in the morning.


  • Gratitude
  • Reviewing your vision, goals and affirmations
  • Writing your intentions and plans and declaring up front what you will make of this day.

Things things literally are like turning on the power. Plugging into a source of energy and life that propels you and allows you to live in flow and joy.


It’s not enough to do this weekly.

Today is the only day you can live your life…not tomorrow, or this week. Today is what matters. Right now.


Make today amazing!




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