Reducing frustration video & some thoughts on Mastery

Here’s another video to help those of you feeling consistently frustrated!

Many responded last week with this overriding feeling.

Here’s the video (8 Min) on how to reduce feeling frustrated:


Just watch the video and follow Nick’s lead with an open mind and heart if this is a feeling you are dealing with.

And I’m getting close on to my goal on the A to Z!

Almost there…here’s another one:


Life balance mastery – a wonderful ideal, to strive for throughout life with effort and zeal.

With mind, body, spirit, emotions, relationships, and vocation all taking their proper place in priority and each given appropriate attention daily avoiding accruing painful debts to be paid later due to avoidance or neglect of one area.

It starts in your mind.

Everything does.

Master your mind and you master your life.

Nothing can stop the master of mind, no matter what happens they will weather the storm. The master blasts through the dark every time, and handles all obstacles with grace as they form.


Love to hear your feedback, those of you who have watched the videos. Let me know what results you had!


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