Purposefully confront the opposing beliefs in your mind

A recent graduate of the ‘5 Minute Mental Mastery Believe’ training sent me this inquiry…

If you’ve been following me any length of time you hear similar responses from me often…but this such an important topic it merits discussion from various angles.


“Hey Aaron,

In my experience, I felt at my worst when some random misfortune just hit me when I’m aiming for something, causing multiple failure in a row that’s sometimes hard to handle with my mind.

That somehow programs my brain to think I’m unblessed and the most unlucky person on earth.

It contradicts with the affirmation that all things conspire for my benefit.

How should I solve this? Cheers mate!

Kind Regards,



Here’s my response:

This is where it becomes THAT MUCH MORE important to continue with the affirmation, “Everything is conspiring for your benefit.”

You are experiencing the trial, this is where it will become much more firm in your belief.

When you experience something that seems so devastating, it contradicts that belief and you can’t see any possible way it is conspiring for your benefit…

…that is when you say to yourself, “I believe this must be conspiring for my benefit…even though I have no idea how and I can’t possibly see that right now.”

This is where you act in faith.

Even though your ego mind wants desperately to feel like “I’m a victim! I’m so unlucky. I’m unblessed.”

Keep repeating it, with feeling, digging deep for some level of belief.

Work on letting go and allow yourself to believe it even though you can’t see any way.

There is power in moving through this process with big challenges.

When my body was withering away and deteriorating and screaming in pain, all external signs pointed to that being a very bad thing for me.

It immediately blocked me in a lot of my goals and ambitions and threatened my life.

But I kept on practicing believing it was conspiring for my benefit…by confronting myself with that belief daily.

And the belief withstood that test.

Also, holding firm to that belief MASSIVELY affected the outcome.

Who knows if I would have been able to heal and recover from the depressing and oppressive effects of that disease?

Maybe the outcome would have been much different…I don’t know.

But even in the midst of the trial I experienced moments of euphoric joy and understanding because of choosing to believe that.

And now we can see the impact for good that experience is having across the world…not only for me but for hundreds of others through the book that was published.


The same applies to you.

No matter how hard.

No matter how devastating the blow.

Allow yourself to still believe it’s for your good somehow, give yourself that permission.

Move forward in that belief in faith, even though you see no way it’s possible.

That process, that act of faith, will change your life.

It will positively affect all the circumstances.

I don’t know how everything works…but I do know life works a lot better and we find much more joy and fulfillment when we act and believe in that faithful way.

It also gives us resilience to come back from anything.

The lowest of the lows can be overcome with that way of living, thinking, and believing.


So, when conflict arises in the mind, how to solve it?

Keep on affirming that ‘Everything is conspiring for your benefit’. Stay open to that possibility despite what you see to the contrary.

Use your agency to direct your own thoughts by your own will…confront those that don’t serve you.

You are the master here…not your thoughts.

Put thoughts that serve you on repeat mode in your mind.

Make today amazing.



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