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Think – Day 5 – The miniscule decision with monumental results

Try this affirmation on for size:  My circumstances don’t determine my life.  My thoughts and my faith do.

And how are you going to determine your thoughts, and your faith, if you are not aware or capable of guiding your thoughts at will?

The daily practice of letting go of random thought and directing your mind to focus on one thing is subtly building your power to direct your life in amazing ways.

“By small and simple things are great things brought to pass” is one of the foundational principles of living a Truly Amazing Life, and it definitely applies here.

You won’t likely see immediate results of increased concentration power suddenly…this is a practice of laying down one brick at a time every day.

Over time an amazing thing will take place.

But you will likely begin noticing immediate benefits of increased peace, relaxation, confidence as you submit your mind repeatedly to your own will consciously in this way.

This simple act affirms to yourself that YOU are not your thoughts, and that YOU are much bigger and capable of guiding the ship of your life.

Along the lines of my first statement Stephen Covey said this:  “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” – Stephen Covey

Your decision in that one moment of meditation to simply let go of a thought, even though it is so enticing, is building within you a powerful force of concentration.

It starts on this microscopic level of this one thought, right in this moment, deciding to let it go.

Then doing it again.  And again.  And again.

Even though you desperately want to entertain it, and see where it goes, and get wrapped up in it…

…Even though perhaps the ego is screaming “I’m starving for stimulation!  How can you do this to me!”

You simply choose to LET GO, and bring your focus back to this exact present moment.  Your breath flowing in deeply into your lungs….hold it…then releasing…and feeling every part of that.

By choosing to be here right now instead of wrapped up in that one thought you gain one tiny bit of confidence, power, and peace.

Keep stacking those tiny bits and you will build a fortress of concentration that contains a peaceful power so strong it radiates out into your entire life.

That is what this practice is doing for you.  TRUST THAT.

Don’t be tempted to discount the simple choice, practiced repeatedly, to be aware of your thoughts and choose to focus them on your breath.

The greatest results in life are created by the simplest choices.

Small hinges swing big doors as the saying goes.

We are all free to choose our thoughts, which control all of our experiences.

But freedom is a sliding scale…not black and white.

We are only free to the extent that we grant ourselves freedom from our ego, stimulation, and the habits of distracting ourselves.

Each time you consciously decide to release that stimulating, distracting, or negative thought, you are quietly, softly slicing one thin thread of the cords that bind you.

We are all free…yet we are all bound also.

We have all bound ourselves to some degree in a mind-made prison by this same method.

One small decision at a time repeated for years…

…a decision to succumb to that craving here, entertain that depressed thought there…and over time we find we aren’t as free…there are these forces pulling at us.

Distraction has become harder to avoid.

Meditation is a daily practice of gently cutting threads and increasing your freedom of control over your thoughts and your life.

Every small decision to focus builds your concentration power.

“What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, we need to stretch our minds.” – Wayne Dyer

Picture yourself living in such a state of peace and control, that no matter what circumstance shows up you are able to handle it with perfect poise and calm.

Any thought that crosses your mind is able to be observed without getting wrapped up emotionally and carried off in its whirlwind.

You can live that imagined state TODAY with this practice.

This very moment you can get into that state…even if only for a moment.

Yes, you’ll get more skilled and practice with time…but even today you can abide in that peaceful state moreso by meditating, and making those small choices each moment to let go, and focus on your breath and your one word.

So do your practice.  Be aware.   Observe your thoughts and let them go.  Breathe slowly.  Feel yourself connected to yourself right here and now in the present moment…feel how alive you are!

Make Today Amazing!