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Think – Day 20 – Here’s an awareness enhancer! So we can know greater beauty, peace, and truth.

Here we are already at the end of week 3! I Hope you are enjoying the daily process of slowing down and meditating.

Here’s another enhancement idea for you from Marci Shimoff from her book ‘Happy For No Reason”…she calls it “the pause practice”:

“Seven times through the day simply pause and just be.”

“Become aware of your breath and for a minute or two just let yourself experience the present moment.” – Marci Shimoff

If you’re like me, when you hear that you may think, “How am I going to remember to ‘pause’ 7 times per day? That sounds overwhelming.”

Well, that’s the beauty of your alarm app on your smart phone – or other device.

On a smart phone you can set a pleasant sounding alarm to go off at 7 different times during the day (or 4 or 5 to start, whatever feels good to you)

You can label the alarm ‘Pause’ or ‘Breathe’ so that when it goes off, it shows that word on your screen as a great reminder.

Then, right there in that moment, just simply pause, focus on your breath for 5 or 10 slow breaths, and that’s it!

Then resume whatever you were doing.

Nothing hard about it, just another powerful and simple way to incorporate the habit of mindful awareness throughout your day, rather than just once in your regular daily meditation session.

It only took me a few minutes to set up the new repeating alarms – and now they are serving me daily.

To massively enhance this, take it further by labeling each of your alarms with a different one of your KEY affirmations to focus on this month.

For example, you could label your alarms like this:

“Breathe – Make Today Amazing!”

“Breathe – Everything is conspiring for your benefit!”

“Breathe – I love myself! I love myself! I love myself!”

Those are just examples…but you get the idea!

Choose the 3-5 key affirmations you want to believe deeper this month…then rotate to new ones next month if you want.

Can you see how much those messages popping up will help you consciously direct your own thinking?

Now you have combined a reminder to pause and breathe with a powerful reminder of your truth.

This one simple tool has proven transformative in many people’s lives.

It will increase your experience of joy throughout each day.

It will also deepen your habit of concentrated thinking, which is an ultra-powerful force in your life.

“The concentrated mind does not admit distractions, externally or internally; it is totally engrossed in the object of concentration.” – Tim Gallwey

As we cultivate this ability to concentrate our thoughts each day it is like turning up the wattage on our own spotlight of awareness.

“When all 1000 watts are focused through one point, the light will have the maximum power.”

Whatever one chooses to learn can be known with the benefit of total illumination. No shadows, no secrets; all is revealed.”

“The value of concentration becomes clear as we grow to understand that nothing can be enjoyed or appreciated if it cannot be known.”

Beauty cannot be enjoyed unless one can know it. Peace cannot be enjoyed unless it can be known.”

“The same goes for love and truth – in fact, anything that is valued by man.”

“By increasing the effective power of awareness, concentration allows us to throw more light on whatever we value knowing, and to that extent enables us to know and enjoy it more.” – W. Timothy Gallwey

So, how about it? Will you set 5-7 alarms for yourself as reminders to take this awareness habit to the next level?

I am purposely giving you this enhancement 3 weeks into this month as you should now be in the habit of at least one minute of meditation daily.

Now let’s expand on that and let this enhancement fill our days with awareness!

Set these reminders and take them with you going forward.

Think – Day 21 – Day of rest!

Tomorrow you won’t receive an message from me – but keep up your practice!

I’d love to hear what experience you have with setting up daily ‘breathe’ and affirmation reminders…email me or share in the mastermind!

…I think you’re going to love it.

Make Today Amazing!