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Think – Day 19 – You have the power to change your state instantly, any time you want.

Do you feel like meditation is ‘working’ for you?

Do you wonder if it is doing anything?

Are you experiencing any positive difference in your life?

Or are you just left wondering if you are wasting your time sitting there?

It is understandable if you feel like you’re wasting your time…you are not alone in that.

Here’s what Dr. Herbert Benson said about that in the Relaxation Response:

“The subjective feelings that accompany the elicitation of the Relaxation Response vary among individuals.”

“The majority of people feel a sense of calm and feel very relaxed. A small percentage of people immediately experience ecstatic feelings.”

“Other descriptions that have been related to us involve feelings of pleasure, refreshment, and well-being.”

“Still others have noted relatively little change on a subjective level. Regardless of the subjective feelings described by our subjects, we have found that the physiologic changes, such as decreased oxygen consumption, are taking place.” – herbert Benson, M.D.

So, whether you are feeling peace or not feeling anything different at all, keep trusting the process!

It is absolutely benefiting you to sit and do your best to focus on your breath and your word.

It was proven in the controlled studies that EVERYONE who did this had physiologic changes happen inside their body which counteract the ‘fight-or-flight’ mode of your daily life whether you realize it or not.

And this will absolutely show up in your life at some point as an improvement in your health and well-being.

But I would be surprised if you aren’t feeling a greater sense of peace in your life by now if you have successfully implemented meditation practice for 10-20 minutes daily.

If you’re still working up to that…KEEP GOING!

Meditation is one of the most important habits you will ever create in your life.

Now, do you know what you’re thinking about lately?

Are you becoming more aware?

Sometimes it’s hard to know what we are thinking…we think so much and so fast that much of it goes unnoticed if we aren’t paying close attention.

The best way to know what you are thinking is to ask yourself, “How do you feel?”

Your feelings show the nature of your thoughts with striking accuracy.

“If you are feeling good, it is because you are thinking good thoughts.” – Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

If you are thinking positive, loving, uplifting thoughts…the kind that build the life of your dreams…you will know because you will feel really good.

If you feel bad at all, it’s rooted in your thinking…guaranteed.

It’s rooted in the meaning you are attaching to things in your mind and the beliefs that you are holding onto.

Remember the monkey? We trap ourselves in ‘bad feeling’ states by holding onto ‘bad feeling’ beliefs.

That is why meditation (practicing mindful awareness of ourselves and our thoughts) can and does bring so much peace.

The simple act of becoming aware of your thoughts exposes them to the light.

And assuming we are not totally consumed by depressed thinking, usually this awareness is sufficient to enable us to let go of the negative thought we were holding…

…and turn our attention to a thought that feels good.

…or to our breath and the fact that we are alive right now.

This produces good feelings.

Your state of feeling can turn around fast!

Meditation practice is one of the fastest ways to initiate state change, because you become fully present and aware.

What I do after I meditate to ‘seal the deal’ on a state change and get myself thinking happy thoughts, is write with pen and paper in my journal.

I write what I feel, and I write about the positive aspects of my life, things I’m grateful for.

This INEVETIBLY…WITHOUT FAIL…improves my mood and my state to some degree.

And in truth, that’s the most important thing for any of us.

Our purpose in life is: to live in a state of joy.

And guess what?? We can control that!

It is not ‘out of our hands’.

We ALL have the tools.

We simply need to use them.

Meditate. Then write.

I’d love to hear your experience when you improve your state with those two simple tools.

Our circumstances do not control our destiny, no matter what they are.

We control our own destiny.

I wrote this just after I recovered from a nearly deadly auto-immune disease:

“I found out that even in the midst of severe, intense, unrelenting pain, I still had my free will to think however I chose to think.”

And that is really the point of this meditation practice.

By practicing daily you increase your power of concentrated thought.

You increase your personal ability to direct your thinking at will.

This increases your freedom, peace, and joy every single day of your life.

Keep it up! And Make Today Amazing!