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Think – Day 11 – Let go, drop in, connect.

How’s it going?  Do you ever get overwhelmed by these daily messages because you get behind?

I know 5 minutes is pretty simple, but what if you miss a day?

Then the next day do you feel like you have 10 minutes?

And if you miss two days does it seem like an overwhelming task to get caught up?

Some have expressed this concern.

Here’s what to do:  LET GO OF YESTERDAY.

It’s not essential.

The ONLY essential thing this month is that you gain the habit of meditating.  There is nothing magic about each day’s message in particular.

If you miss a day, let it go!  You cannot get back yesterday!

Feel completely free to save the daily emails in a folder and go back to them if you want to…

…but the only step for today is to listen to ONE DAY’S message and then DO your meditation practice for at least ONE minute.

It can be a past day you missed, or today, doesn’t really matter.

Anything you do beyond that is a total bonus!  Just 6 minutes today is all you need to win!  You can do that right?

Don’t allow previous days emails to send you into overwhelm…just let it go.

Focus on TODAY and today’s message.

BE AT PEACE WITH JUST TODAY, and be patient.

Now, speaking of letting go, and being at peace, I want to touch on one of the most important benefits of meditation practice:  Connection to your soul.

In my experience, there is nothing more peaceful than feeling a direct connection to the spiritual source that created me and is infused in every cell of my body.

Quieting the mind consciously through meditation opens the way to re-establishing this deep connection.

Meditation is like tuning the radio to clear out the static so you can clearly hear the language of your soul…the feelings of peace and love.

“Meditation is any process that quiets your mind and helps connect you to your source and your innermost essence, that state of pure truth and love.” – Marci Shimoff, (Happy For No Reason)

I like how Marci made the clear distinction there that simply sitting and focusing on the breath is not the only way to quiet the mind and connect to your source.

But it is a proven and powerful way, which is why we are creating the habit of it.

But the big goal is this: To live in a mindful, conscious, meditative state as much as possible, which simply means to be connected to your source of love and living fully present in this moment.

Marci also shared this story in her wonderful book, which gives another great view of meditation practice:

“A wise teacher instructing his students to meditate told them, the process is like filling a sieve with water.  All of the students were confused by this statement because a sieve is water filter, full of holes.  Some thought it was very difficult; others thought it meant they could only expect temporary gains from their practice.  Discouraged, they stopped meditating.”

“One student approached the teacher and asked for an explanation.  The teacher took the student to the edge of the ocean, gave him the sieve and told him to try and fill it with water.”

“The student scooped up water but it almost immediately ran out. The teacher then took the sieve and threw it into the water where it sank almost immediately.”

“He told the student, ‘The sieve is full of water now, and it will stay that way forever’.”

“It’s not about scooping small amounts of spirit into your individual life, but dropping yourself into the ocean of spirit, and merging with that spirit more and more each day.”  – Sri Sri Ravishankar

I love that visualization…it helps to take away the struggle of meditation.

Just visualize yourself dropping into the ocean of spirit and resting there.  Then you will be full, without any effort.

But the ability to ‘drop in’ to that ocean is something you need to learn, by degrees, by quieting the mind and patient practice.

Patience: Number two on our list of 7 key principles in the practice of mindfulness, or moment-to-moment awareness:

“How can one learn to keep the mind in the present? By practice. There is no other way. Every time your mind starts to leak away, simply bring it gently back.”

“I have found that the most direct means of increasing one’s ability to concentrate is through the practice of meditation.” – W. Timothy Gallwey

Staying present and dropping into the peaceful ocean of your spiritual source is not something that you will immediately be an expert at.

We have built up resistance patterns to this throughout our lives.

So be patient.

Take one minute at a time, one day at a time.

But make sure you take the small act daily to meditate – that is the most important thing.  Don’t let today pass without it!

Make Today Amazing!