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Think – Day 10 – Time to demote the Judge!

“This habit of categorizing and judging our experience locks us into mechanical reactions that we are not even aware of and that often have no objective basis at all.”

These judgments tend to dominate our minds, making it difficult for us ever to find any peace within ourselves. It’s as if the mind were a yo-yo, going up and down on the string of our own judging thoughts all day long.”  – Jon Kabat-Zin

I am certain you can relate to that feeling from some point in your life.

The inner judge is the destroyer of peace.

But guess what?  You can demote the inner judge!!

You really can.

“But it’s just my nature to be judgmental, I’ve always been that way,” I hear some saying…

Will you give yourself permission to let go of assuming your ego’s nature?

Is it true that’s your nature?  No.

Your true nature is love.  Just like mine and everyone else’s.

Judgment is the nature of the ego. Which is one tiny part of you.

Do you want to be ruled by your ego forever more?

Of course not.  But you can demote your ego.

You can’t get rid of your ego, nor would you want to, it serves a purpose.

But you can bench your ego and take it off the starting line up on your roster.

You don’t have to keep letting it steal the show for the rest of your life, destroying your peace by tricking you into judging every single thing that pops up in your head.

“OK, I want to believe you, but how??  I’ve never been able to stop myself from judging before.”

Great question!  Now we’re on to something.  How do you just ‘NOT judge’?

YOU DON’T…at first.

The habit of judging will fade away on it’s own as you bring awareness and shed light on it regularly.

It’s not your job to stop your ego from judging, you’re in for a losing battle if you attempt that.

Your only job is to shed the light of awareness upon your judgments and observe them.

Oh how the ego hates awareness!  It thwarts all its plans!  The ego loves darkness and hiding.

But your awareness will solve everything on its own in its own time…truly you just need to be easy about this.

So what do you do when you are aware of yourself judging things as good or bad?

OBSERVE.  That’s all.

Here’s what Kabat-Zinn says that is spot on:

“First thing is to be aware of these automatic judgments so that we can see through our own prejudices and fears and liberate ourselves from their tyranny.”

“When practicing mindfulness, it is important to recognize this judging quality of mind when it appears and to intentionally assume the stance of an impartial witness by reminding yourself to just observe it.”

“When you find the mind judging, you don’t have to stop it from doing that. All that is required is to be aware of it happening. No need to judge the judging and make matters even more complicated for yourself.”

“Practice involves suspending judgment and just watching whatever comes up, including your own judging thoughts, without pursuing them or acting on them in any way. Then proceed with watching your breathing.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

So, will you do that today during your meditation?

Now that you are practicing just releasing your thoughts and focusing on your breath and your word, take the next step and observe what judgments may come up in your mind.

Make it a practice today to ‘throw some awareness’ at your judgmental thoughts.

Don’t try to stop yourself from judging…that’s judging your judging…a vicious cycle!

Say (with a huge grin because you are such a success for being aware!) “Hmmm…would you look at that…my pesky little judge is at it again, judging away!  That silly guy (or gal).  Huh…well, back to my breathing.”

Until you notice it again, then observe it.

And feel free to laugh hysterically…at least silently in your mind…because it’s actually quite funny and silly how intent our inner judge is on categorizing every living thing under the sun as good or evil!

What you will notice as you simply observe, is that you start to become free from your judge!

Keep practicing this.

This is how you take back the reigns as CEO of your mind, and demote your judge to its rightful place as delivery person and messenger.

The judge is simply there to deliver messages of feedback to you for observation so you can learn.

When you have felt the pain of inner turmoil and unrest in your life, it’s because the judge had taken over the reigns as CEO and was calling all the shots.

Meditate today.

Observe what’s going on.

Go ahead and laugh!  It’s really quite funny!  Don’t take yourself so seriously.

Then just gently direct your attention back to your breath, your word, your number.

You are amazing!  Let me know how this is going for you so far!

And if you’re struggling somewhere?? Let go!  Laugh…be easy about this.

Make Today Amazing!