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Succeed – Day 6 – The key to keeping your purpose train on its tracks.

OK, we’ve spent most of the week discussing how to decide and clarify what to actually FOCUS our attention on and DO.

Today it’s time to discuss TAKING ACTION.

Often the only thing required to produce the energy for action is what we’ve already discussed: Just get clear on your purpose, then your next priority, and write it down.

But sometimes that’s not enough.

It doesn’t matter how ultra-crystal-clear we are, if we don’t prepare our environment our purpose can be totally derailed by it.

Other times we experience internal resistance that stops us from taking action…we’ll talk about that more later…

…Today let’s dive into how to set up your environment so it doesn’t sabotage you.


The question is…how do you eliminate distraction so you can stay focused on that ONE thing?

First of all – you’ve got to be CONVINCED internally that eliminating distraction is essential.

The truth is this:


Only through focus can you do the amazing things you dream of.

More than that, only through focus can you SUCCEED RIGHT NOW and feel amazingly fulfilled!

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft said: “I’ve had one of the luckiest situations ever – but I’ve learned that only through focus can you do world class things – no matter how capable you are.”

And Charles Darwin said: “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”

Have you discovered the value of life?

Every single time we allow ourselves to be distracted from our purpose in the moment waste precious moments of life that we can never get back.

Bruce Lee, the amazingly accomplished martial artist said: “If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.”

Every time we permit unnecessary distraction to take our attention away from our worthy goal, time is wasted on something unimportant.

I’m not saying there’s not a time to relax. One of my ‘worthy goals’ is to love and cherish myself and my family.

Part of accomplishing that is recreation and relaxation time, alone and with my family.

But when it’s time to be working on my worthy goal of providing for that family by helping others…distractions have no place in that space.

Just the same as being distracted by my phone has no place in my life when it’s time to BE PRESENT with the family I love.


Repeated and bolded – because we need to confront that truth head on and remember it.

So…now that we have established why focus without distraction is so essential…the rest is easy!!


How specifically?

Physically go to a place where nobody can possibly distract you.

If that doesn’t work – lock your door, or put in your headphones with classical music.

If the priority is being present with other people, the smart thing is to leave your ‘smart phone’ out of reach…or at least turn it to airplane mode and shut off all notifications.

Whatever you have to do…DO IT!

Shut down possible interruption for the entire block of time you are committed to focusing on your priority.

What happens if you leave your phone on, your internet browser open, your skype or email program open, and you have little notifications popping up??

You’re doomed before you start.

Having an ‘open door policy’ with distraction is the recipe for ‘dream destruction’.

For people who rely on you for things, notify them you are unavailable for an hour (or whatever the time is required).

“I can’t just tell my baby ‘I’m busy’”, you say. Okay, true…for you amazing mothers out there – I honor you for what you do.

I know the challenge you are up against pursuing two worthy goals…raising your child and, say…taking care of your SELF! (The most worthy goal)

Those nap-time hours just need to be used HIGHLY effectively!

No turning on facebook or emails to just check in real quick when you’ve got a purpose to accomplish…

‘Real quick’ has a mysteriously magical way of turning into 90 minutes almost instantly, and before you know it the baby’s awake, times up, and you’ve made no progress toward your other goal.

Distraction destroys dreams one little seemingly innocent moment at a time like that.

Be VIGILANT about shutting off distractions when it’s time to FOCUS.

Every time you allow a distraction, you have stopped succeeding in that moment…

…because you are no longer progressing your worthy goal.

Distraction is the great insidious challenge we face today that didn’t exist to a 100th of a degree even 30 years ago.

You now know your priority. It’s crystal clear.

But before taking the first step – shut out all sources of distraction so that you can DO YOUR PRIORITY without getting derailed.

You can do it! Make Today Amazing!