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Succeed – Day 4 – Be patient as you unfold your purpose and take action on what you know.

Did you start to ponder on your ONE BIG Thing?

Did you write about it at all? If not, I encourage you to spend a few minutes pondering on that and writing today.

Answer the simple questions…Who can I help? What can I do to help them?

And don’t be afraid to THINK BIG here. You are more capable than you can possibly imagine…we all are.

You don’t need to know HOW.

Forget about the how for now…just think about who needs help and what you could possibly do to help them if they knew about you.

Figuring out the HOW is the adventurous part of the challenge of life.

You will overcome all challenges when you 1 – have a worthy goal, and 2 – you are deeply committed to it.

Perhaps you are already crystal clear on your one big purpose…if so, awesome!!

Is it a part of you so that you answer immediately if anyone asks what it is?

That is the ultimate goal…to get crystal clear.

But guess what…you get to choose this! You don’t have to wait for a bolt of lightning.

If you ask me “what’s your purpose in life?” I can easily tell you without a moment’s hesitation: My purpose is to help people live a Truly Amazing Life.

That’s the ONE thing that I’ve become ultra clear on that does all of these things: makes my heart sing, utilizes all of my talents, stretches me and gets me out of my comfort zone daily, makes a meaningful difference and bless other people’s lives.

It passes all the tests of a ‘Worthy Goal’ – and it aligns with who I am at a core, unique, personal level.

When I decided that was my purpose I didn’t know how I would do it…I just knew that somehow I would do it.

Why? Because I felt in my heart that there are millions of people suffering and suffocating in the crumbling rubble of a mediocre or miserable life.

And I knew if I could somehow reach them, I could lend a hand out of the wreckage and into a place of peace and joy.

And that feeling, and even that imagery, is what drives me every day to keep reaching out to more people with that ONE purpose – to help them live a Truly Amazing Life.

My heart is deeply called from places I don’t even understand, to do whatever I can to help people who are suffering or struggling.

There are mountains of challenges in my way…but clarity of purpose literally produces energy to keep climbing those mountains every day…and even loving the challenge.

As you are clarifying your unique purpose, think about what you feel called toward from inside, that is uniquely your gift to the world!

But don’t expect it will just come to you instantly…it’s more likely to unfold as you take steps forward.

Over time you will see how your unique abilities and experiences will clarify your purpose.

And as you write it down, and see it in front of you, and it makes your heart sing, you will know you’re onto something.

But start TODAY by simply deciding: 1 – who you can help and 2 – what you can do – make that your purpose right now and move forward!

(It doesn’t have to be a specific person either but it can be)

It really is as simple as that…you don’t need some grand epiphany to start succeeding and feeling amazing about it right now.

Now you have written down your big Worthy Goal!

Next step: Decide what will you DO this week

Ask yourself the focus question: “What’s the ONE big thing I can work on to progress my worthy goal this week?”

Write the answer to that question on one of the top lines of your ‘TAL Priorities’ sheet – that’s your ‘project’.

Then pull out a piece of paper and brainstorm.

Dump out onto paper in no particular order, every answer you can think of to this question: “What can I do this week to make progress on that ONE big thing?”

Once you have emptied your mind and can think of nothing else…just scan the list and number it in order that it needs to be done.

Notice: You may not be able to do them all this week…be extremely realistic here!

Don’t set yourself up to FAIL by giving yourself a SUPERMAN to-do list that is impossible.

ONLY write down the items you ACTUALLY will be able to accomplish, in the lines below the project on your sheet.

All that’s left now is to decide on your priority for TODAY…

Which is super easy now that you have done this clarifying preparation.

Just decide on the VERY NEXT step to progress your #1 item from the top, and write it in the #1 slot for today.

Now FOCUS and go DO it!

Make Today Amazing!