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Succeed – Day 3 – Why it’s SO EASY to get wrapped up in achievement seeking & how to avoid that trap.

So why do we so often revert to seeking happiness through achievements & possessions?

Because we are constantly fed the wrong definition of success!

But you now know the better definition: “The progressive realization of a worthy goal”

So knowing that, how can we reverse the pattern and experience success TODAY and every day?

With the 3 simple steps of our Priority Focus habit we are creating:

1 – Decide on a worthy goal and make it your chief aim.

2 – Write your specific priority as a super small next step.

3 – DO IT. Shut out all distraction and FOCUS on your next step.

Mastering these 3 simple steps will allow you to accept where you are while also making steady progress…so that you feel peaceful, joyful, and successful every single day.

Do these 3 things and you won’t be worried anymore about ‘not having’ achieved anything; you will be happy in the journey.

Today we’re going to focus in on the first step: DECISION

And there are two parts to this – the BIG picture – and the small picture.

The BIG VISION of where you are going, and teeny little very next step.

Both require focus. Today we’ll begin discussing your big why – your big purpose – your one big worthy ideal.

So what is your purpose?

“Purpose is the straightest path to power and the ultimate source of personal strength.” – Gary Keller

Deciding on your greatest purpose is foundational to success.

Without it you’re like a ship lost at sea, no idea where you are going.

It’s impossible to succeed when you don’t have the fundamental part of the equation: “A Worthy Goal”.

And this is a process that can take time…but it can also be extremely simple. There’s no need to overcomplicate it.

So, what is a ‘worthy goal’?

The simplest answer is: Helping people in some way.

Truly, this is the best, fastest suggestion you will ever hear if you’re struggling to ‘find your purpose’.

Simply answer these two questions: “Who needs help? What can I do to help them?”

Congratulations! You just discovered your purpose!

OK, we can refine it over time, get more clarity, bring in your unique personal strengths and elaborate, but truly those two answers are all you need to begin to succeed.

When you know 1 – who to help and 2 – specifically what you can do to help them – you now have a worthy goal!

Simple enough right? Well yes, that actually is the easier part. The hard part comes in progressing that goal.

“Life becomes harder for us when we live for others, but it also becomes richer and happier.” – Albert Schweitzer

Truly devoting ourselves to helping others can be the most challenging thing we ever do…and also the most fulfilling.

Now, if you want a greater challenge and greater fulfillment, just ratchet up the goal.

Instead of one person, what if that ‘who’ is a whole lot of people? Like an entire city, or state, or country? How about the world?

As you spend more time considering and enlarging your worthy goal, you will start to see ways in which you and ONLY you, with your unique talents and experiences, can do a special service to a group of people.

This is where your unique, BIG PURPOSE in life can become apparent.

But don’t worry if it’s not immediately obvious.

Just start today by choosing a worthy ideal that feels good to you – and start going forth with it. You can always change it.

This is an ongoing mental expansion throughout your life.

“To be wholly devoted to some intellectual exercise is to have succeeded in life.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Figuring out how to serve in big ways can be one of the most demanding intellectual exercises – I face the reality of that every day working toward my mission to help others live a Truly Amazing Life.

But the beauty is, the simple devotion to the goal today is success!

Orison Marden said this which I love: “There’s no grander site in the world than a person fired with great purpose dominated by one unwavering aim

Once you have answered those two questions you have a worthy goal.

Now it’s time to focus intently on that ONE THING.

One of the most important books I can recommend on the pillar of Succeed is called “The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller. I highly recommend reading it.

He makes an extremely strong case for the POWER OF FOCUS.

“Success demands singleness of purpose.” – Gary Keller

He presents a powerful case for deciding on ONE thing when you’re thinking BIG and when thinking small.

“Your big ONE thing is your purpose and your small ONE thing is the priority you take action on to achieve it” – Gary Keller

So begin writing and exploring your one big purpose.

More on this tomorrow…

Make Today Amazing!