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Succeed – Day 2 – Start setting yourself up to win

“When you create the rules of the game it is very easy to win.” – Mateo Tabatabaiy, The Mind-Made Prison

You get to set the rules for winning in your life.

When you choose a worthy ideal, and then you take steps toward that ideal today, you win!

That is success.

You are “progressively realizing” your goal.

And why is it so important to set each day up so you win?

It feels good to win!

Nobody likes to feel defeated all the time…it’s not a happy state.

So let’s start setting ourselves up to win today, that’s how we’ll choose a happy state.

Here are some instructions on the tools I gave you yesterday:

Print the 2 sheets and place them in a 3-ring binder with lined paper for writing behind them.

I like to put 5 to 10 copies of each in back of my binder so when I start a new week I have a supply ready to go.

I also like to keep the completed week’s sheets in a separate binder as a record…nice to review down the road and to see progress.

(Or to notice the effect on your life when you get knocked off the routine.)

First Tool: The Truly Amazing Morning Routine sheet

Don’t stress about accomplishing all 12 of the items on that checklist every day!

Even doing just the one – Write Your Priorities For Today – will help you feel more centered.

It’s meant to be a helpful guide, not an overwhelming ‘to-do’ list.

It’s simply a daily reminder of the specific things that help you start each day feeling strong, confident, happy, and connected to your soul and your purpose.

If you’re not familiar with some of the habits listed, just let them go for now…we cover each pillar in depth for in its own month of training.

Remember the goal of the ‘Truly Amazing Morning’ Routine is: To get you focused, centered, and feeling really good so you can more fully live life and enjoy this day.

There’s no rule that says you have to do all 12 things (of course if you do you’ll likely feel amazing;)

Next Tool: The ‘Truly Amazing Life Priorities’ sheet

It’s best to start with weekly objectives in order to determine your daily priorities.

So briefly decide on the 2 or 3 key ‘projects’ or areas of importance you want to make progress on.

‘Improve Family Relationships’, or ‘TAL Business’, or ‘Write my book’, are just a few examples of types of ‘projects’.

Then think of just 1 or 2 of the main things you’d like to accomplish in that area this week.

No need to have 5 big goals for each project each week – be realistic about what’s possible this week.

Now, once you know your objectives for the week, think of the VERY NEXT STEPS you need to take today to progress those objectives.

Then write them down in order of importance.

It’s best to start super small on your daily priorities.

This is SO IMPORTANT psychologically because it gets you into winning mode.

Test this out…you’ll see that winning (accomplishing something important!), no matter how small, feels better than losing (not accomplishing anything important).

Here’s a ‘small priority’ example: If my weekly objective is “Complete 6 days of ‘Succeed’ training”…

…then here’s my #1 priority for today: “Write 100 words of the next ‘Succeed’ Training”.

Notice how it’s a clear, concise, small, action statement?

Also its SUPER small, to minimize resistance to STARTING.

Starting gets us in motion where we tend to keep going.

So…set big dreams for the future, achievable goals for the week, and SUPER SMALL STEPS FOR TODAY.

That’s one key to avoiding overwhelm and living happily.

“Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.” – Democritus

The end result of achieving our goals is definitely not where happiness is.

Happiness is found in our worthy pursuits.

Even if those pursuits are downright hard!

It’s not comfort that makes us happy…in fact most happiness I’ve ever found is well outside my comfort zone.

It’s virtually guaranteed that if you choose a worthy goal and start going after it, you’ll discover fulfillment and joy in that process.

It’s usually not the easy way…but it is the best way.

But be kind to yourself on the journey by setting SMALL daily priorities…so you can win each day and enjoy the ride!

And what is a ‘worthy goal’?

We’ll start to discuss finding your worthy goal and ‘great purpose’ tomorrow…

But for today: use the tools, set at least 3 priorities, then FOCUS and DO them.

Make Today Amazing!