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Succeed – Day 18 – How to speak the language of your different brains.

Did it help you to understand more about your different brains?

Can you see more clearly why you avoid doing certain things?

We are really only ever motivated by TWO factors: Pain & Pleasure.

We seek to avoid pain and we seek to gain pleasure. And it’s important to know that…

Pain and fear are stronger drivers in human behavior than pleasure and love.

That’s because your subconscious, automatically acting ‘croc brain’ is much stronger than your smart ‘dolphin’ brain.

The croc brain is built to keep you alive no matter what. It is a robust and nearly tireless machine.

While the ‘dolphin’ brain can do amazingly complex things…it tires easily.

The croc brain is simple but strong – it has brute force.

So here are your options:

1 – You can allow your croc brain to dictate what pain it’s going to avoid (and keep suffering the internal tug-of-war)…OR…

2 – You can SET YOUR OWN RULES by showing the croc the greater pain early, which makes it pull in the direction you want.

You get to decide!

Positive affirmations are super important…80% of the game – our dolphin needs a worthy goal to give it energy to drive us forward.

But the other 20% is equally crucial: facing the reality of potential negative consequences before they happen!

We need to scare the croc brain into action in the direction we want to go!

If we don’t do this…it’s just going to be like a whiney little kid who doesn’t want to hike up that trail because it’s too hard.

If the kid is convinced there’s a bear on the trail behind him, that will get him running up the trail a LOT faster than promising him a candy bar at the top.

(It needs to be an actual negative consequence you tell yourself of course…no trying to fool yourself)

So here’s the process to follow when setting any goal:

FIRST: Do this 3-step writing exercise

  1. Coax the Croc: Write in clear detail what PAIN you will experience if you procrastinate doing it. This will send the messages loud and clear to your croc brain. Read through these anytime you notice ‘avoidance’ behavior.
  2. Manage the Mouse: Write the immediate gratification reward you will get by working on the goal. Also commit in writing which distractions you will block out temporarily.
  3. Direct the Dolphin: Write what difference this goal will make, who it will impact, and how it will bless their life. Read it and visualize and feel the pleasure of achieving the goal.

Here’s a brief personal example:

Goal for the week: Finish publishing this month’s training.

1 – Coax the Croc: If I don’t do this, I will not have time for all my other business tasks the rest of the month and I won’t achieve the business goal for the year.

My family will suffer because I will not be as present. I will probably lose sleep, which is bad for my health, and I will be tired and less happy.

How will I look myself in the eye later when I realize I failed to be present for my kids and my wife because I chose to procrastinate?

2 – Manage the Mouse: I will enjoy the new fresh insights I get as I write each training.  I will shut down all email, Social Media, phone and every other distraction before noon each day.

3 – Direct the Dolphin: Completing this training will bless everyone who receives it. Some will have significant transformations. Doing it this week will give me time freedom to make progress in the business the rest of the month. I will feel accomplished.

SECOND: Print and post your affirmations in front of your journal or in a place you will review it daily.

So, what goal have you been feeling resistance on?

Will you start speaking the language of your 3 brains?

I’d love to hear how that goes for you!

Remember, you’ve got to coax the croc, manage the mouse, and direct the dolphin!

It may take some practice getting used to, but that’s the framework you can use that will work every time…for ANY AND EVERY GOAL.

Use pleasure AND pain to align your whole brain.

Give your dolphin the positive direction of your worthy goal and the pleasurable rewards.

Then remind yourself clearly of the pain you will experience if you don’t get moving.

That’s how you end the tug-of-war in your head and kick procrastination to the curb!

Do this and you will rise above resistance and procrastination, and make MUCH more enjoyable progress toward your worthy goals.

Make Today Amazing!